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  • Print Marketing
    Originally Published Nov 12, 2021 | Updated Jun 13, 2022

    Take a look at the many reasons why print advertising's effectiveness is so positive, and why more and more marketers are taking advantage of it.

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  • Variable data printing.
    Originally Published Oct 25, 2021 | Updated Oct 25, 2021

    You can produce marketing materials that are targeted towards individual consumers, increasing response rate and overall ROI. Not all customers are the same, and with Variable Data advertising you can target the individual needs of a unique set of consumers.

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  • Mailbox-Retargeting
    Originally Published Oct 08, 2021 | Updated Apr 14, 2022

    When a website visitor leaves your site, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever. Send them something tangible to engage with and bring them back to your site wanting more!

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  • Tips on designing a poster.
    Originally Published Sep 15, 2021 | Updated Sep 15, 2021

    The hierarchy of a poster’s information can be developed through a varying number of design elements depending on who you ask, but we've highlighted three that we think are the most important to remember in poster design.

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  • Printing Press
    Originally Published Sep 03, 2021 | Updated Sep 03, 2021

    Understanding what commercial printing has to offers now, where it began and what it’s advancing into, will help you better understand your options.

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  • W2P Portal
    Originally Published Aug 26, 2021 | Updated Jul 08, 2022

    Portals are online storefronts that allow users to order pre-designed, branded materials, while also providing the option for the creation and management of customized projects.

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  • Specialty Box Printing
    Originally Published Aug 17, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Good packaging can make last-minute shoppers of the best of us. A raised print that glides under the touch, clear information that speaks to the buyer. Crisp lines and clever wording. Product packaging is both the first step and the last resort to making would-be buyers your next customers.

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  • Receiving customized direct mail.
    Originally Published Jul 23, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Top notch printers know when and how to use this Variable Data Printing; now it’s time to see how this marketing method can work miracles for you, your company, and your marketing base.

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  • Benefits of UV Printing
    Originally Published Jul 19, 2021 | Updated Apr 22, 2022

    Paper passes through the printing press where ink is delivered, then immediately exposed to UV light, which then causes the ink to instantly dry. Because of this, the ink does not have the opportunity to seep or spread, resulting in sharper images and text. But the benefits of printing with UV don’t stop there.

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  • Kingston-Printing-HP-Latex-Printer
    Originally Published Jul 09, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    You may not know of the different methods and machines we use here at Kingston Printing to create your projects every day. So, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits of of a HP Latex printer.

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  • Most effective tool for marketing.
    Originally Published Jul 02, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Is mail still relevant in a world of emails? Actually more so! Did you know that at least 40% of Americans look forward to checking their mailbox? Physical mail still holds its own thanks to the nostalgic draw of mail – but there’s more to it than that! Kingston Printing is here to explain how to use direct mail marketing to reach a larger audience and to receive a higher ROI.

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  • Window Cling
    Originally Published Jul 01, 2021 | Updated Apr 22, 2022

    We’re so used to seeing them, we really don’t give them a second thought. Although window clings might seem like stickers, they are actually different. In fact, a window cling does not include any adhesive like a car bumper sticker would. Instead, custom window clings are designed to easily to remove or swap out. But how are window clings created?

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  • RGB vs. CMYK
    Originally Published Jun 29, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Not sure which printing technique you should choose or which will be the cheaper option? Let’s breakdown the difference between offset and digital printing and figure out which option is more economical for your print needs

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  • 4 Tips for EDDM
    Originally Published Jun 14, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    To many business owners, the ability to reach thousands of households or businesses in a specific region with an important offer or message is very enticing. But when it comes to actually creating your messaging and design to fit Every Door Direct Mail’s standards, the challenge can be overwhelming.

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  • Tips for designing wide format graphics.
    Originally Published Jun 12, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Have you been tasked with creating a large poster or sign but you’re inexperienced with graphic design? Beginner or not, Kingston Printing can transform your graphics into a masterpiece!

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  • Common PDF issues.
    Originally Published Jun 08, 2021 | Updated Apr 22, 2022

    Although the file format is reliable, PDF files can still be problematic. Here are some of the most common PDF mistakes and errors to watch for when preparing files for print and how to troubleshoot them.

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  • POP Materials.
    Originally Published May 21, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Printers will often use a thin, extremely sharp blade made from steel that has been shaped into one of many unique patterns; “die-cutting” is the term we use when referring to using this die to cut types of paper into those shapes and patterns.

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  • CMYK vs. RGB
    Originally Published May 12, 2021 | Updated Apr 22, 2022

    There are several elements to consider when designing for print. Between the design itself, the final touches and even the paper type, you’ll have your hands full trying get everything just right. One other crucial element when setting up your design is the color mode.

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  • All about the prepress.
    Originally Published May 04, 2021 | Updated Aug 20, 2021

    Prepress, which is sometimes known as premedia, is exactly what it sounds like: all of the processes that occur before a job is sent for printing and finishing, including design, preflighting and proofing.

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