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  • Save Money on Direct Mail Campaigns - KP
    Originally Published Dec 20, 2023 | Updated Dec 20, 2023

    From design insights to postage secrets, discover cost-effective solutions that will enable you to save money on your direct mail campaign while maximizing its ROI.

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  • The cost to print and mail flyers
    Originally Published Dec 08, 2023 | Updated Dec 08, 2023

    Take a look at the different factors that influence the price to print and mail 1000 flyers so you can distribute your marketing dollars in the best way possible to meet your goals and budget.

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  • Annual reports printer
    Originally Published Dec 13, 2022 | Updated Dec 01, 2023

    We put together some helpful tips and inspiration so you can design an annual report that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention while reflecting your brand professionally. We also included a full rundown of what to look for when finding a printer to print your annual reports.

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  • Commingled Mail
    Originally Published Nov 09, 2023 | Updated Nov 09, 2023

    Direct Mail Commingling is a game-changing strategy that allows businesses to launch small direct mail campaigns with minimum costs and resources. Imagine sending impactful messages to a select group of individuals while enjoying the benefits of bulk mail discounts.

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  • Calendar Advertising
    Originally Published Oct 30, 2023 | Updated Oct 30, 2023

    In this blog, we'll go into detail on why calendars are so valuable for your brand, and we'll share eight ways you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) with calendar advertising.

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  • Calendar Printing Companies
    Originally Published Oct 13, 2023 | Updated Oct 13, 2023

    Because promotional calendars are so important for your business or organization, it's essential that you find the right calendar printing company for your goals and budget. To help ease the search, we compiled 10 key factors you need to consider before you settle on a printer.

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  • Print Marketing and Year End Budgets
    Originally Published Oct 12, 2023 | Updated Oct 12, 2023

    If you’re struggling to choose the best way to spend your funds before you lose them or are just looking for some beneficial ways to prepare for the transition into the new year, we've got you covered. We have compiled 8 ways our business partners utilize their year-end budget effectively.

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  • Make a Custom Calendar
    Originally Published Oct 02, 2023 | Updated Oct 02, 2023

    In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll walk you through the steps of making an effective custom wall calendar that serves as a day-to-day advertisement and reminder of your business to your audience. From taking advantage of a free calendar design template to selecting the right images and printing specifications, we've got you covered.

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  • How Much for a Web to Print Portal
    Originally Published Sep 22, 2023 | Updated Sep 22, 2023

    It’s important to understand that the cost of a Web to Print Portal will be determined by 3 factors including who your portal provider is, how many products you need to have setup, and the products you order from within your portal.

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  • Make a Postcard
    Originally Published Sep 21, 2023 | Updated Sep 21, 2023

    This step-by-step guide, helpful tips, and free postcard design templates will help you create a postcard that engages your audience and increases sales.

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  • Custom Promotional Calendars
    Originally Published Sep 15, 2023 | Updated Sep 15, 2023

    A custom promotional calendar is a strategic blend of marketing, utility, and brand storytelling, making it an indispensable tool for your business to engage with its audience, build strong brand awareness, and increase sales.

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  • QR Code in Print - KP
    Originally Published Aug 24, 2023 | Updated Aug 24, 2023

    QR codes bridge print's physical nature and proven effectiveness with the measurability and adaptability of digital, creating a blend that caters to the needs of today’s audience.

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  • Make a Poster
    Originally Published Aug 15, 2023 | Updated Aug 15, 2023

    Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a marketer looking to create an effective advertising piece, this step-by-step guide, helpful tips, and free poster design templates will help you make a poster that grabs your audience’s attention and drives them to take action.

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  • Make a Z-Fold Brochure
    Originally Published Aug 11, 2023 | Updated Aug 11, 2023

    This step-by-step guide and provided free design templates will ease the process of making a z-fold brochure that generates impressive results.

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  • Make a Trifold Brochure
    Originally Published Aug 10, 2023 | Updated Aug 10, 2023

    Whether you’re a business owner promoting products, a marketer looking to advertise services, an event organizer, or a nonprofit spreading awareness, this guide and provided design templates will help you in making a trifold brochure that delivers results.

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  • Make Rebranding Easy with a Brand Portal
    Originally Published Aug 04, 2023 | Updated Aug 04, 2023

    Rebranding can be an exciting yet challenging adventure for any organization. That's why you need to take advantage of a Brand Portal to eliminate the confusion, streamline the process, and confidently guide your brand into its new era.

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  • Targeted Direct Mail
    Originally Published Jul 28, 2023 | Updated Jul 28, 2023

    Identifying the perfect targeted audience for your direct mail campaign can be challenging. But we boil it down into 5 easy steps so you can achieve targeted direct mailing success.

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  • Automated Direct Mail Campaigns
    Originally Published May 17, 2022 | Updated Jul 24, 2023

    Running an automated direct mail campaign is as easy as sending an email, plus it’s more effective than emails and other marketing efforts combined. Find out how you can run an automated direct mail campaign today!

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  • Save Money With Targeted Direct Mail
    Originally Published Jul 20, 2023 | Updated Jul 20, 2023

    When you target the right audience, you enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while saving valuable dollars in the process. Explore how targeted direct mail marketing is your secret solution to overcoming increasing prices and increasing your sales.

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  • Marketing Budget
    Originally Published Jul 18, 2023 | Updated Jul 18, 2023

    If you cut your marketing budget, you lose the opportunity to gain more customers, gain repeat customers, build strong brand recall, stand out amongst your competition, and essentially grow your business. In other words, cutting your marketing costs could lead to closing your doors.

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