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How to Create Event Brochure Content + 10 Brochure Examples

How to Create Brochure Event content

Organizing a festival, a charity event, cultural event, or sports event? Are you setting up a booth at a trade show, craft show, or planning a music festival or corporate event?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

No matter what type of event you’re getting ready for, you need an event brochure that advertises your event effectively.

This includes a proper image to text ratio, informative but concise event descriptions, your logo, your event location, time, and date, contact information, and so much more.

While there is a lot that goes into a well-put-together event brochure, we have everything you need to make the process as simple as possible.

In this article you’ll find out how to create event brochure content and you’ll be inspired by examples of event brochure designs related to the event you’re planning, so you can prepare for a successful event.

How to Create Event Brochure Content

Event brochures are a necessity for all kinds of events including conferences, trade shows, concerts, book fairs, exhibitions, grand openings, festivals, and more. And no matter what event you’re attending or hosting, you need a well-thought-out and well-designed event brochure. Luckily, here are some tips on how to create the perfect event brochure:

Tip 1: Planning & Outlining What Needs to Go Into your Event Brochure

An event brochure isn’t just a piece of paper with the event name and details of when it is printed on it. It’s so much more! It’s an invitation, an itinerary, and a glimpse into what your event and brand have to offer.

Event Brochure Content

Here are a few things to consider and include within your event brochure content:

What is the event? – Is your event a golf tournament, a fundraiser, a jazz festival, a craft fair, workshop, or theatre tour? Make sure to include an event description within your event brochure content.

Time, date, and location – The time, date, and location of your event are so important, and they need to be included in your event brochure content. You don’t want your audience to feel lost or unsure so make sure this information is clear, bold, and easy to notice.

Your logo – If your event has a logo or if your brand is participating in an event, you need to put emphasis on the logo! Make it big and eye-catching to increase brand awareness.

Are there any conditions set in place to participate? – Does your audience need to purchase tickets, buy food, or wear something specific? Include these details within your event brochure.

Introductions – Give your audience a peek into who your brand is for a personalized touch, and so they become familiar with what you and your event have to offer. If your event includes keynote speakers, musicians, athletes, etc., include quick bios and images of them as well.

Contact information – Whether your audience receives your event brochure before or during your event, how can they contact you to get more information or to follow up on opportunities? Include your phone number, email, social media handles, website URL, QR code, and location in an easy-to-find place within your event brochure design to ensure your audience has the details they need to contact you.

Holiday Event Brochure

Event program’s timeline – Is there a timetable for certain activities, lectures, or performances taking place at your event? Don’t forget to include these details so your event attendees don’t miss a single thing.

Don’t forget imagery – Include images that reflect your brand, images of your team, images from last year’s event, and images of speakers, performers, or companies participating in your event.

Focus on the typography – Make sure the font and placement of your font are easy to read. Stay clear of cursive or abstract fonts and make sure all fonts are large enough to read. Also, headings and subheadings should always be larger than the main copy to drive emphasis to the crucial details you're sharing within your event brochure content.

Highlights from past events – Was last year’s event a success? Or are you celebrating an event anniversary? Share highlights and images to celebrate and to share details of what your event attendees can expect.

Include a call to action – Your well-designed event brochure may successfully invite a handful of guests, but if you include a call to action, you’ll get a much better turnout. Consider including a prize, giveaway, or discount. Anything that makes people excited to sign up and attend your event will always generate a larger crowd.

Tip 2: Laying Out Your Event Brochure Content Successfully

The type of brochure you choose will determine how you can lay out your event brochure content. For example, generally speaking, a trifold brochure is great for corporate events, double parallel brochures are ideal for festivals and sports events, half-fold brochures are nice for cultural events, and z-fold brochures are good for craft shows. However, depending on the details you need to include within your brochure, there are a variety of brochures you can choose from to fit your exact needs.

Laying out Event Brochure Content

No matter what type of brochure and no matter what event you need your brochure for, there are some key factors to consider when laying out your event brochure content.

For example, your logo should be at least on the front and back panel of your brochure, the front panel or cover of your event brochure should include the event name, the event time, date, and location, and something to intrigue your audience to unfold your event brochure (I.e., a chance for a prize, hint at a guest speaker, etc.)

Contact information is typically on the back panel and all other information needs to flow fluidly through each panel of your event brochure. For example, the event timetable, pricing, and other conditions should be near each other while the event description and other information like bios should be in a section complementing each other.

Also, while images are so important to include within your event brochure design, make sure you have a proper image to text ratio. Depending on the size of your brochure and the details you need to include, this could mean one image on every panel or one to three on every other. It’s important that when laying out your images and text that you make sure to keep checking that your image to text ratio is balanced and not overwhelming.

Tip 3: Designing the Cover of Your Event Brochure

Event Brochure Cover Example

As mentioned above the cover of your brochures (or the front panel of your brochure when folded) should include the event name, time, and date (a save the date section,) location, and an incentive to open your brochure.

The cover of your event brochure should also be eye-catching. Use bold, large, and striking text, bright colors, high-contrast, high-resolution images, and design elements to emphasize your event.

Tip 4: Adding Bold Text

Large, bold, and striking fonts shouldn’t just be on the cover of your event brochure, they should be sprinkled throughout your entire event brochure content.

For example, make headings and subheadings highlighting specific information a few sizes larger than the main copy. You can also bold it, or use an entirely different, yet complimenting, typeface to drive attention to the details you want your audience to read.

Event Brochure Content Design

Tips 5: Including Color & Contrast in Your Event Brochure Design

Striking and bold colors will make your event brochure content stand out! Use images with bright colors, make your headings and subheadings something other than black or white, add colorful patterns, colorful graphics, and other design elements like color blocks to highlight key information.

Also, make sure your event brochure design has high contrast. This means always putting light-colored text and design elements on dark backgrounds and dark-colored elements on light backgrounds. This will make everything easier to read and will make your event brochure content more appealing to your audience.

Brochure Event Examples

No matter what type of event you’re planning to attend or host, you need to get inspired to create an eye-catching event brochure!

Here are a few brochure event examples and event brochure samples to help you get started on creating a brochure that successfully promotes your event:

Festival Brochure Example

Festival Brochure

Whether it’s an art festival, a music festival, a holiday festival, or wine festival, there is a lot going on at a festival. Which means you need your event brochure to effectively promote all the activities your audience can attend at your festival.

Use this art festival brochure example to inspire you. Take note of the artistic design elements and photographs of art pieces people would get the chance to see in person if they attended.

Festivals are a special experience so make sure your event brochure reflects all that your festival has to offer. Because there are often many things to take part in at festivals, it’s also very important to include a timetable, especially if your festival is a multi-day event. Also, don’t forget to include artist intros and activity descriptions in your festival brochure.

Corporate Event Brochure Example

Corporate Event Brochure

Corporate event brochures need to align with your company. Unlike festival or music event brochures, corporate and business event brochures are typically sleeker and more serious and often never stray from corporate branding.

Check out this corporate event brochure, for example, the colors on each panel are consistent with the company’s branding, and everything is organized in a professional, easy-to-read, and fluid manner.

For corporate events and events alike, it’s important to consider the type of brochure you will use, as some may not be read as effectively. For example, in this corporate event brochure, a roll fold brochure works perfectly for displaying key details in an organized way. Trifold brochures, double parallel brochures, and z-fold brochures would also work perfectly in this example. On the other hand, a half-fold brochure wouldn’t provide enough sections to distribute information and a half-tri-fold brochure may come across as confusing.

Cultural Event Brochure Example

Cultural Event Brochure

Cultural events are the perfect time to get people within a community or around the country together to celebrate similar interests, beliefs, ideas, art, and more. With many cultural events lasting anywhere from a few hours to days, it’s important that you have an event brochure that successfully invites your audience and shares with them key details they need to know about your event. The longer your event is the larger or more folds your event brochure should have.

Take this event brochure, for example, it’s promoting a 2-day festival so an 8.5x11 or 9x12 half-fold brochure works well. However, if the festival were longer, a larger half-fold or something like a trifold or accordion fold would work better at displaying and organizing the festival’s schedule, performances, images, and more.

Also, use this cultural event brochure example, for design inspiration. Its modern and sleek style, high-contrast, simple color palette, and organized content, are done so well that it makes you interested in wanting to attend the event.

Charity Event Brochure Example

Charity Event Brochure

Whether you’re planning a food drive, a book donation event, a marathon to raise money, a seasonal event to raise money, or any other charity event, you need an eye-catching and informative event brochure to attract potential donors.

Take this charity event brochure for example. It’s promoting a book drive and successfully shares information about the brand who is hosting the event along with key details on their mission for potential supporters to engage with. On top of this, the design includes the date, time, and location of the book drive as well as images that reflect the brand’s mission and a bright color palette that makes each design element stand out.

Music Event Brochure Example

Music Event Brochure

Are you organizing a music festival, a concert, a karaoke night, a jazz night, a guest singer at your restaurant, or other music event?

Then here is a music event brochure example to inspire you!

This music event brochure takes a unique approach and uses a gatefold brochure rather than the popular half-fold, trifold, or z-fold brochure. By using this type of brochure, the design offers a “grand” reveal of the event details. Also, take note of the colors, typeface, and graphics. They align perfectly with the vibe and style of the event. This design even successfully includes key details on who is performing at the music event, what is offered, and when the event takes place.

Nature Event Brochure Example

Nature Event Brochure

Looking to promote a plant sale, plant exchange event, a community cleanup event, a nature hike, or a nature conservancy event? Then make sure to effectively spread the word with a nature event brochure!

Use this event brochure for an example of what yours could look like. This brochure promotes a community cleanup day successfully through bright colors and simple and clear messaging.

Don’t forget to include images of what your event has to offer as well as contact information for anyone who may have questions or want to get involved in what your event has to offer even more.

School Event Brochure Example

School Event Brochure

Whether you’re promoting an open enrollment event, a book fair, a job fair for students, a school play, campus celebration, or promoting a big lecture or guest speaker at your university, a well-designed event brochure will boost signups and increase the number of attendees.

Consider including images of your campus, teachers, or students, and always make sure all design elements reflect your target audience.

For example, look at this school event brochure sample promoting open enrollment. The designer did a great job at using colors to reflect their audience who are parents with young children and included images of past students to share a glimpse into the atmosphere parents can expect their kids would have if they registered.

Craft Show Brochure Example

Craft Show Brochure

Craft shows are special events for artists and small businesses to gather and promote their products. And whether you're organizing a craft show or are planning to set up a booth for your business to sell its goods, a craft show brochure will help increase foot traffic.

If you’re attending a craft show, use this craft show brochure to inspire you with your brochure design.

This brochure includes images of the artist's pieces, the information is organized in a fluid way, it has great use of branding through its color palette and design elements, and even includes contact information for customers and interested potential ones to make a purchase even when the event is over.

Fashion Show Brochure Example

Fashion Show Brochure

Print is huge in the fashion industry, and if you’re organizing a fashion show, a fashion week, or a grand opening of your boutique, an event brochure that is well-designed will successfully get people interested in attending your event.

To get inspired, use this event brochure sample for some ideas.

This designer is promoting a fashion show to share their new collection. It includes sneak peeks of the new designs to get potential attendees excited and interested. And the use of high-contrast and simple color palette aligns perfectly with what can be expected.

Sports Event Brochure Example

Sports Event Brochure

If you’re organizing a golf tournament, a tennis match, a soccer camp, or any other sports event, you need an effective sports event brochure to display the time, date, location of your event, pricing, prizes, and other details about your sporting event.

Use this sports event brochure for ideas on what to include within your event brochure. For example, this brochure promoting an upcoming golf tournament does a beautiful job of organizing content, has great use of imagery and graphics, and the designer made sure to include key details about the tournament.

They even included a panel for potential sponsors giving them the pricing and details for each tier they can participate in.

Ready to get started on your event brochure? Request a free quote today to get started. If you have any questions or need help with your event brochure design, don’t hesitate to contact our team by email, live chat, or phone at 785-690-7222.

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