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10 Tips for Creating Brochures for Music Events

Creating a Music Event Brochure

No matter what type of music event you’re planning for—whether it’s a music festival, a karaoke night, a concert, or having a guest singer performing at your restaurant—you need a music event brochure.

An effective brochure for your music event will grab the attention of your audience and successfully get the word out to drive people to attend. However, when it comes to creating a music event brochure, where do you start, what should you include, and how do you make it stand out?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some beautiful examples and tips for creating a music event brochure.

Tips for Creating a Music Event Brochure

Tip 1: Outline the Content for Your Music Event Brochure

To create an effective music event brochure, you first need to outline and gather all the event brochure content you need to include.

Here are a few things to consider including within your brochure:

Music-Event Brochure

Music event name and description – Is your music event a jazz night, a concert, a music festival consisting of several bands, or an opera? Make sure to include the name of your music event and a description. Consider creating a catchy name or tagline as well.

Music event logo – If your music event has a logo, for example Coachella, Lollapalooza, Firefly, etc., you need to include the logo where it will stand out and build brand awareness.

When and where your music event takes place – Make sure to include the date, time, and location of your music event.

Ticket or entry information for attending – Most music events require tickets or payment to attend. If your music event requires attendees to purchase a ticket, then include pricing and ticket information. You can also add a link or QR code to direct people where to buy tickets online.

Music event lineup – If you have multiple bands or performers participating in your music event, include their names, logos, quick descriptions, and images.

Rules and guidelines – Are there any rules attendees must follow to attend your music event? For example, is your event for adults only or is there a dress code? Make sure to include these details within your event brochure content.

Music event flyer

Images – Imagery will bring your music event to life. Include images of your past music events, images of your venue and performers, graphics that align with the type of music event you are planning, or even images of merchandise that can be purchased at your event.

Parking instructions – Whether your music event requires attendees to park in a parking lot, pay to park, or park on the street, it is beneficial to include a map or detailed instructions on parking. Be sure to include details if there is any sort of payment or parking pass required so your guests are fully prepared to attend your music event.

Social media account – Social media is big in the music industry and if your music event has a social media account, include your social media handle within your music event brochure design. This will help you help your audience share your event details which will generate a larger turnout.

Tip 2: Select the Right Type of Brochure for Your Music Event

When creating a music event brochure, you need to choose the right type of brochure. There are 9 standard types of brochures and various sizes to choose from so it’s important that you consider which one will display your event brochure content in the best way.

Half-Fold Music Event Brochure

Music event brochures with a ton of detail are best suited for a larger brochure with more folds. For example, if your music event has a large line-up, then a 5.5x8.5 half-fold brochure would be too small, and you may want to opt for a 9x12 trifold brochure instead. On the other hand, if your music event is a multi-day event, you also want to keep in mind that some attendees will carry your brochure around with them. With this in mind, you want to choose a brochure that is large enough to display all necessary details, but also that folds up relatively small so that it is easy to hold on to. For example, an 8.5x14 half/half fold or an 11x17 half and then tri-fold brochure would provide you with a large enough canvas, but it will be small enough to carry when folded up.

The half-fold, trifold, z-fold, gate-fold brochures, and the half-half and half-trifold brochures (these are two great brochures for including maps of your venue) are some of the most popular types of brochures for music events. However, pictured below is an overview of the 9 standard brochure types that come in many different sizes for you to get an idea of how your event brochure content could be presented:

Brochure Folding Types

Tip 3: Take Advantage of a Music Event Brochure Template

Using a music event brochure template will help you successfully prepare your design for print. When taking advantage of a template, it ensures that your design is the right size, has the right margin space, and has the right bleed when getting your file ready to print.

Brochure Template

When it comes to the right margin, this means you want to place any design elements, images, or text that you want to be fully seen at least 1/8 of an inch away from the edge of your page and brochure folds.

For bleed, this refers to when designers extend certain design elements at least 1/8 of an inch out from the edge of the page. By extending background colors, or any other images or elements that you want to run off the page, at least 1/8 inch from the edge of the page, you ensure that when your event brochure is printed and then trimmed to size, you aren’t left with any white space.

Brochure templates have these parameters in place so that all you have to do is follow the guidelines and if you ask your printer, they’ll be able to provide you with a free one.

Tip 4: Put Your Music Event Brochure Design Together

After you have chosen the right type of brochure for your music event, it’s time to lay your design out in your design platform. And you need to make sure that your entire design is laid out in a way that each design element compliments the other and flows fluidly from one brochure panel to the next.

Music event brochure design

The cover of your music event brochure, or the first and front panel that is visible when folded, should include your logo, music event title, the date, and any other information you want your audience to see right away.

From there, you need to make sure all details that you outlined are placed within your event brochure design. When laying out these details, consider where each component should be placed. For example, the ticket and entry fee information should be near the parking information and your line-up and images of each band performing should be on the same panel.

Your music event brochure design should also be consistent throughout. Make sure to choose a color palette and typeface and keep it consistent throughout each brochure panel.

Tip 5: Use Images and Other Design Elements

Music Event Brochure Examples

Any event brochure isn’t complete without images or graphics. And for your music event brochure, you need to include compelling and striking imagery to grab your potential attendee's attention.

This includes photos of your performers, graphics that highlight your music event details, images that relate to your audience, and images that give a sense of what it will be like when attending your music event.

Use this music event brochure example above and the examples throughout this blog as inspiration for what types of imagery you could include in your music event brochure. For example, in this design above, the designer included images of the performers to immediately inform fans and potential ones that they have the opportunity to see some of their favorite artists perform live.

Tip 6: Make Sure Text and Images are Balanced

To create a successful music event brochure, you do need to include imagery, but you also need to have a proper text-to-image ratio. Having the right image-to-text ratio means that you need to make sure that you don’t have too much text or too many images and your entire event brochure design needs to be balanced.

Brochures For Music Events

An effective and well-designed music event brochure should have brief descriptions that get straight to the point while still providing enough details. For images, you can use a variety of sizes, or place your images in shapes to frame them, but only place them where they make sense. Too much text and too many images will be alarming to some and will deter people from wanting to know more about your music event.

For a great example, look at this music event brochure above. It includes images as the background in an appealing way and there isn’t too much text, just enough to get the point across and to attract potential attendees to learn more.

Tip 7: Make Your Music Event Brochure Eye-Catching

Every eye-catching music event brochure design includes bold fonts and colors, high-contrast, clear and striking imagery, design elements that highlight your event details, and a clean design.

Music Event Brochure Design Templates

Also, if your music event or performers already have a strong following, make sure your event name and performers name are large and bold so that fans take notice of it right away.

Allow your music event brochure to not only inform your audience about your event but allow it to also represent your event identity and vibe. Graphics, icons, shapes, patterns, and images are great ways to add emphasis to your event details.

Use this music event brochure example to inspire you. The designer did a great job laying the images and text out in a balanced way and they used contrast, shapes, and abstract design elements to make each section stand out. Plus, they even included a discount to entice their audience to attend the live concert music event.

Tip 8: Introduce Your Performers

As mentioned above, if your performers, band, DJ, or singers have a large fan base already, you need to list them in your music event brochure and make their name stand out so that it attracts and excites fans to attend.

The Best Music Event Brochures

You can also include images of bands, your DJ, and performers as well as album covers that relate to what artists will be performing.

Don’t forget to include a quick description as well as include the genre of music they will be playing, or even an intro to who each artist is, where they’re from, their story, etc. This will help any recipient of your brochure who isn’t familiar with the performers connect with them and it will help them become interested in your music event.

Tip 9: Proofread Everything in Your Music Event Brochure

Make sure to always look for any errors in your music event brochure design before you get it printed.

Music Event Brochure Inspiration

This includes making sure the names of performers, bands, singers, and songwriters are spelled correctly, and the date, time, and location are accurate. You also should make sure that photo resolution, color settings (are your print files in CMYK?), punctuation, font size, bleed, etc., are all correct.

It’s always a great idea to get a second pair of eyes to look over the final product as well.

Many music event brochures are seen by hundreds of people and the last thing you want is a singer’s name misspelled, a blurry image, or the address of the location to be incorrect.

Tip 10: Find the Right Music Event Brochure Printer

Once your music event brochure is ready to print, it’s time to find the right commercial printer.

Look for a printer who offers competitive prices, a variety or brochure folds, high-quality paper options and finishes, design services, as well as a printer who has a great customer services team who are ready to help you create a music event brochure that meets your goals and budget.

Lucky for you, at Kingston Printing we offer all of this, plus more and we’re ready to help you with your next music event brochure project.

If you’re interested in printing your music event brochure with us, click below to get a quote today! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our experts at 785-690-7222 any time. We can’t wait to bring your music event brochure to life!

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