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Consistent Branding Made Easy with Web-to-Print Portals

Consistent Branding Made Easy with Web to Print Portals

Whether your organization is a small business, a large franchise, or somewhere in between, consistent branding is essential to your success. However, achieving brand consistency across all marketing channels and branded assets can be challenging.

Web-to-Print Portals are powerful solutions that simplify this process, ensuring that your brand is and remains consistent, no matter where it appears. From enabling customization of design templates with locked-in branding to providing optimal brand protection, Web-to-Print Portals are an easy way for any company to ensure consistent branding.

In this blog, we've included information about why consistent branding is crucial and how a Web-to-Print Portal can help you achieve it with ease while saving you time and money and increasing your revenue.

Understanding Web-to-Print Portals

Web-to-Print Portals

Imagine an exclusive online store featuring your company's business cards, letterhead, postcards, event signage, promotional merchandise, and an array of branded digital assets. Your team can log in wherever there is internet access, customize specific materials (like business cards,) and place orders at their convenience. You have complete control, including tracking order statuses, managing inventory, and updating designs and assets 24/7. That is how a Web-to-Print Portal operates.

Web-to-Print Portals, also known as “Brand Portals” or “Ordering Portals,” are unique online solutions designed to serve as a one-stop shop for all a company's branded assets, including print advertisements, direct mail materials, promotional items, digital assets, and more. They are online private platforms tailored for each company, from the layout of the platform and materials that are accessible to the payment methods and usage. They are developed exclusively for your brand, making protecting your brand when managing and ordering materials a seamless and efficient process.

How Web-to-Print Portals Ensure Brand Consistency

Web-to-Print Portals are designed to save companies time and money while easing the ordering process of branded assets. They also guarantee consistent branding by storing only pre-approved designs in one place for easy access and eliminating design errors that lead to inconsistent branding.

Here are three key ways a Web-to-Print Portal helps companies ensure brand consistency:

Customizable Design Templates

Customizable Design Templates

Specific details may need to be personalized for certain materials like business cards or marketing items promoting different locations. Web-to-Print Portals offer online design tools for portal users to customize details such as contact information, addresses, or images without compromising the overall branded design.

For example, minor design errors are common for large companies, as branded assets may need specific location information, leadership information, or images. When this is required, it can be easy for the layout or logo to be modified, jeopardizing the brand's image.

Meanwhile, companies that take advantage of a Web-to-Print Portal only need to select their desired material and choose to design it. They can then modify any information that the brand allows. Any personalized information is placed within the exact intended spot, and the overall branded design remains consistent.

Brand Protection & Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that employees, departments, and locations follow. These rules consist of the correct colors, a collection of logo variations that are brand compliant, the type of tone and typeface the company uses, and more.

Because so many assets and elements go into a single brand, companies rely on Web-to-Print Portals to protect their brand. In addition to allowing users to customize designs without compromising the brand's image, a Web-to-Print Portal safeguards a company's physical and digital materials by ensuring that only approved users can access, customize, and order branded materials.

Brand & User Management

Web-to-Print Portals make it easy for companies to update designs, marketing and sales materials, apparel, signage, and more. Users can only access the correct assets no matter how many employees, locations, or even brands a company has. Changes to branded materials can be easily and quickly updated or modified as needed to ensure your assets grow with your company.

Additionally, managers can control who can access their Web-to-Print Portal and set rules where certain employees or departments can only order certain materials and quantities. For example, new employees can easily order their business cards but need approval to order brochures or posters. Sales teams can access company apparel, business cards, and pocket folders. The marketing department can access other essentials like postcards, flyers, and digital assets.

Advantages of Using Web-to-Print Portals for Brand Consistency

In addition to increasing efficiency with a Web-to-Print Portal, several advantages related to ensured brand consistency include enhanced brand recognition, increased revenue, and reduced costs. Here are the details on the benefits of using Web-to-Print Portals for brand consistency:

Consistent Branding Across Multiple Locations, Departments, & Brands

Consistent Branding

Ensuring every designer, employee, department, location, or even brand has the correct designs is hectic and can quickly lead to inconsistent branding. But with a Web-to-Print Portal, every design and branded material your company needs is stored in one easy-to-access place. Even if you have a location in another city or across the country, all parts of your company have access to the same materials, ensuring that your brand is and remains consistent.

Reduced Need for Professional Design Services & Elimination of Costly Design Errors

Brand inconsistency and design errors can be expensive. Whether paying a professional designer to make design changes or having to pay for a reprint, having a Web-to-Print Portal in place eliminates these costly errors. For example, design errors are eliminated because your portal already has all pre-approved branded designs in place and cannot be altered.

Enhanced Brand Recognition Leading to Increased Customer Trust & Loyalty

Easy to Use Brand Portals

When you present your brand consistently across all channels, your brand begins to establish trust amongst its audience, it becomes recognizable, and consistent branding creates a personality and strong image for your company. Plus, it takes about 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand, meaning protecting your brand and ensuring it remains consistent across all channels is essential. With a Web-to-Print Portal in place, you never have to worry about inconsistent branding. You automatically gain better brand recognition, increasing customer trust and loyalty.

Increased Revenue Through Consistent Branding

Presenting your brand consistently doesn't just increase its recognition; it increases your company's revenue. In fact, a study showed that when a company presents its brand consistently, its revenue increases by up to 23%. When you take advantage of a Web-to-Print Portal, you can ensure consistent branding, thus generating an increase in revenue.

Conclusion: Consistent Branding Made Easy

Consistent branding is essential whether you're a new or small business or a large franchise with multiple locations. A Web-to-Print Portal can help you easily ensure your brand is represented consistently across every marketing channel and branded asset your company uses.

Benefits of using a Web-to-Print Portal for consistent branding include:

  • Consistent branding across multiple locations, departments, and brands
  • Reduced need for professional design services and elimination of costly design errors
  • Enhanced brand recognition leading to increased customer trust and loyalty
  • Increased revenue due to consistent branding across all channels

If you're interested in the advantages of using a Web-to-Print Portal for consistent branding and are ready to save time and money through its streamlined processes, schedule a demo with one of our experts today. We'll walk you through and show you just how they work and how they can benefit your brand.

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