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Brand Portals for Consistent Brand Delivery

Consistent Brand Delivery

Consistent brand delivery is key in making your audience trust and recognize your brand which ultimately helps you turn more leads into customers and more customers into loyal ones.

Without the right tools in place, brand consistency is time and money-consuming and, in some cases, impossible. Especially when you have multiple employees, locations, or even multiple brands.

Luckily, Brand Portals are a cost-effective, and efficient solution for ensuring consistent brand delivery and we have the details you need to know to help you get started on creating and maintaining a strong brand identity.

Easy to Use Brand Portals

What is a Brand Portal?

A Brand Portal—also known as an “Ordering Portal” or “Web to Print Portal”—is a convenient online platform that allows you and other users to quickly log in and easily access and order sales and marketing materials while ensuring consistent brand delivery. 

These solutions are tailor-made to align with your brand guidelines and built to make it easy, fast, and affordable for you and your entire organization to access and acquire the branded materials needed.

The Importance of Consistent Brand Delivery

As mentioned above, consistent branding is key for all assets within your business. In fact, when a brand is presented consistently a business can expect to see an increase in revenue by 23%. And when you take advantage of a Brand Portal, you can store all branded content in one place for everyone in your organization to order the exact same branded materials. Even if certain materials like business cards require specific personalization like names or addresses, the overall design and branding is never compromised.

It takes a person on average 5-7 brand impressions for them to remember a brand. This means that if your brand isn’t delivered consistently across all materials, your brand is much less likely to be recognized.

Even the slightest color difference or logo placement can compromise your efforts in building strong brand awareness, and it can affect how people trust your brand.

How Can I Use a Brand Portal for Consistent Brand Delivery?

Keep it Consistent

Imagine you’re shopping online. Now imagine those items you’re scrolling past are images of your company’s business cards, brochures, yard signs, catalogs, pens, apparel, and all other branded materials and you can click on them, choose a quantity, and order them with a click of a button.

That’s a Brand Portal and anybody you allow access can visit your online storefront and place their own orders of pre-approved branded materials.

Brand Portals can handle all branded collateral including:

  • Printed sales and marketing materials (business cards, letterhead, door hangers, etc.)
  • Direct mail materials (postcards, envelopes, catalogs, brochures, etc.)
  • Signage (yard signs, window decals, wall signs, etc.)
  • Promotional items (pens, mugs, apparel, sunglasses, bags, notepads, etc.)
  • Digital assets (digital catalogs, logos, online ads, and other downloadable assets)
  • Inventory and tracking information

Brand Portals ensure brand consistency on every order that is placed, even if you have several locations across the country.

Brand Portals Provide the Easiest Way to Manage Your Branded Assets

Delivering your brand consistently also requires an effortless way to manage all branded assets. For example, if you're launching an updated business card design or even rebranding, you need a way to update your branded materials quickly and easily so everyone in your organization has access to the correct materials.

Brand Portals make this possible as once you update a design, a logo file, web graphics, etc., your users will only be able to access and order the appropriate, brand-compliant assets.

The Easiest Way for Your Entire Company to Access and Order Brand Compliant Materials

For consistent brand delivery, you need to ensure your entire company has access to the correct branded materials and has an easy way to personalize certain materials while not diminishing your brand’s identity.


Without a Brand Portal in place, your design team and other employees you put in charge must keep branded assets organized while distributing them in a timely fashion. This can become extremely difficult. And, if the person in charge of setting up the products and designs is not available or leaves your company, you risk inconsistent brand delivery.

With a Brand Portal, all assets are in one place and are backed by your portal provider’s support team, so whether you have a new employee who needs business cards or a new designer in charge of designing your branded assets, they all can simply visit your Brand Portal, and access the necessary tools, assets, and materials.

One of the most unique features of Brand Portals is their built-in design tools with instant proofing. For certain materials where certain information or images need to be changed, users can simply click on the design tool button, personalize the product with their information and see the design in real-time. The design tool is set up to not interfere with any branded elements and allows users to only change the necessary information like their names, contact information, or any other elements you allow to be customized.

Brand Portals even have a built-in portfolio of all users' previous orders, so if there are any products they need to reorder, they can simply click on the reorder button for even faster ordering.

Also, because Brand Portals are accessible anywhere there is internet access, your users can easily visit your company’s portal and place orders at any time when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Where Can I Get the Best Brand Portal for Consistent Brand Delivery?

At Kingston Printing, when you take advantage of our Brand Portal solution, you gain everything you need for consistent brand delivery, including:

  • A Brand Portal with an easy-to-use platform
  • A Brand Portal with built-in design tools for easy personalization
  • A Brand Portal that makes managing branded assets and user access easier
  • A provider that handles everything in-house
  • A Brand Portal that can grow with your company
  • A Brand Portal that is accessible 24/7
  • A portal provider with professionally managed security

We design each customer’s Brand Portal to meet their specific branding needs to empower them to have complete customizable control. We become familiar with your brand guidelines and train each of our employees in your specific portal. We will make sure that everything from the platform to the materials aligns perfectly with your brand to deliver consistent branding through and through.

If you’re interested in consistent brand delivery using a Brand Portal, we invite you to schedule a free demo with one of our portal experts today!

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