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12 Ways a Web to Print Portal Saves You Time and Money

Save Time and Money with a Web to Print Portal

Companies that don’t take advantage of a Web to Print Portal aren’t running operations as time and cost-efficiently as possible.

When an employee, franchisee, or other location needs business cards, promotional items, and any other branded sales or marketing asset, everything slows down. Design files need to be located, brand compliance needs to be enforced, finding a vendor is a struggle, and so much more.

Instead, these companies could utilize a custom Web to Print Portal so that business can run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Let’s take a look at what a Web to Print Portal is and how it can save your company a lot of time and money.

What is a Web to Print Portal?


There are many terms used to refer to a Web to Print Portal, including "Brand Portal," "Online Marketing Portal," "Print Portal," and "Ordering Portal."

No matter the name, what it is and what it does remains the same. A Web to Print Portal is a private, online system that is custom-built from the ground up to reflect your brand and meet the needs of your business.

From this online interface, you and your organization can quickly and easily access and order all your company's sales and marketing materials, including printed materials, digital assets, direct mailers, and promotional products.

Those orders are then streamlined directly to your printer to be produced or pulled from inventory.

Saving Time and Money with a Custom Web to Print Portal

One of the best things you can do to ensure business success is to take action to save time and money.

It may sound pretty simple, but the truth is that it can be extremely challenging to run time and cost-efficient operations. However, Web to Print Portals can help significantly.

In fact, these portals are built specifically for you to save time and money, and we have the details on how these online systems do just that.

Web to Print Portals for Easy Access to Brand Assets

Easy Access to Designs

When your sales and marketing material designs and branded templates are scattered around, it can take forever to locate them. And even if you have a designer who keeps all designs organized, if they aren't available or leave your company, it can be impossible to access the designs you need.

Web to Print Portals keep your designs and branded assets in one place, and anyone you allow access can easily access those designs within seconds.

Faster Turnarounds

Since Web to Print Portals have automated processes and efficient workflows, they speed up the entire ordering process.

Once your Print Portal is set up by your print and direct mail provider, you can select and configure the material you'd like to order and place your order. Your order is then sent directly to your printer to be produced or pulled from inventory.

Web to Print Portals also have built-in online design tools that generate proofs automatically, reducing the need for manual proofing.

When everything is in one place, the entire process speeds up tremendously. What used to take days to accomplish now only takes minutes.

Brand and User Control

Web to Print Portals have a flexible management system where you can regulate user access and allow certain permissions.

Web to Print Portals for Streamlined Marketing

You can choose who has access to specific products, limit how many items a user can order, and even require approval before orders are submitted.

This helps save so much time. For example, even brand-new employees can easily and quickly order their own business cards rather than someone having to take the time to order them on their behalf.

You also control what branded materials and designs are stored within your Portal. You can update or change designs and materials as needed while ensuring that no matter if a new or experienced employee places an order, every order, design, and product is brand-compliant.

Perfect for Multiple Locations

A Web to Print Portal is a popular marketing solution for franchises and other businesses with multiple locations.

This is because each location accesses the same Print Portal and places orders while ensuring every material ordered is brand-compliant and follows your brand guidelines.

Portals also offer 24/7 access, which means no matter if you have a location operating on the East Coast or West, they can access and place orders when it's most convenient for them.

Brand Consistency


Protecting your brand with consistent branding through all marketing channels, especially when you have many locations or a growing business, is time-consuming.

It takes a lot of time to ensure everyone is using materials that follow your brand's guidelines. Even then, without a Web to Print Portal, you run the risk of the wrong message being delivered and inconsistent designs.

With a Web to Print Portal, all your brand-compliant assets are locked in place, including designs, logos, typefaces, colors, and more. So, if your location in California orders brochures, they will have the exact same design as your location in Florida. Even if you allow for variable changes like addresses or images in your brochure, their overall design, placement, and branding remain consistent.

Easy for On the Go and Remote Employees

Your Web to Print Portal can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. All that is needed is internet access. Your on-the-go or remote employees with access to your Portal can place orders where and when it’s most convenient for them.

Materials can even be shipped directly to them, so they don’t have to take time to pick orders up, or you don’t need to waste time and money on distributing their orders to them.


Web to Print Portals are Easy to Use

Web to Print Portals are built with ease, speed, and the user in mind, using simplified navigation and ordering processes. Images of your actual branded materials are displayed, and your users can click on their desired material and place an order within seconds. Plus, if they order the same material frequently, they can easily view their previous jobs and press the reorder button.

Since the Web to Print Portal is automated, it reduces the likelihood of errors in the ordering and printing process, minimizing reprints and other associated costs.

Waste Reduction

You waste so much money When you print materials you don’t need.

Saving Money with a Web to Print Portal

Web to Print Portals minimize this waste by allowing you to order smaller quantities through on-demand printing. You can print as needed rather than printing in bulk and having to store your materials in-house, which may become obsolete in the future and end up in the trash. In addition, because each location and employee orders what they need, you eliminate the task of ordering materials that someone may not need, resulting in wasted money.

Increase in Revenue

Web to Print Portals not only save you time and money, but they are also a great investment.

For one, the time your company saves allows you to focus on business growth strategies that make you more money. And second, because they ensure consistent branding, you can increase your revenue by up to 23%.

Increase in Brand Visibility

When you present your brand consistently across all sales and marketing channels, you are 3.5 times more likely to gain better brand visibility. Web to Print Portals, or Brand Portals, ensure that you deliver your brand consistently with every branded asset.

Save Time with Web to Print Portals

Increased Efficiency

When everything is streamlined in one place, where you can quickly and easily access, manage, and order materials, your entire company operates more efficiently.

Being efficient means reduced costs, increased profits, and more time to focus on growth and becoming more competitive.

It's also worth noting that Web to Print Portals provide instant pricing, helping your organization budget better.

Lower Costs with The Right Provider

Different Web to Print Portal providers charge differently, so you need to find one that offers capabilities that allow you to gain the above benefits on top of a provider who offers a great price.

You'll want to find a provider offering competitive prices, flexible payment options, and customized solutions that meet your business needs. This will ensure you are meeting your budget and gaining access to the tools that help your specific organization run efficient operations.

Conclusion: Web to Print Portals Save Time and Money

Managing and ordering your branded assets, including digital, print, direct mail, and promotional assets, is extremely time and money-consuming.

But with a Web to Print Portal, managing and ordering these items is efficient and cost-effective, allowing you more time to focus on business growth and providing you with more money.

At Kingston Printing, we specialize in Web to Print Portal systems for many clients, and we are constantly investing in and improving our functionality to offer everything above plus more. If you're interested in saving time and money with a Web to Print Portal, click below to schedule a demo today.

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