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Save Time and Money with a Marketing Portal

Save Time and Money - Marketing Portal

Saving time and money is challenging when your company doesn’t have the right marketing tools.

You may try to build a plan that allows for better control over marketing assets but if you aren’t taking advantage of solutions that are built to help you succeed, reducing costs and running efficient operations is a never-ending uphill battle.

That’s why so many successful businesses are taking advantage of online Marketing Portals so they can start focusing on their growth rather than struggling to be time and cost-efficient.

Ordering Portals

What is a Marketing Portal?

Marketing Portals—also known as “Web to Print Portals,” “Ordering Portals,” and “Brand Portals”—are private, online, and on-demand systems that help your company seamlessly order marketing materials with pre-approved designs and branding in place.

They essentially are a custom-built marketing tool used to store, organize, personalize, and order all your company’s marketing materials including printed items, direct mail materials, promotional products, digital assets, and any other materials that are used to generate leads and sales.

How a Portal Saves You Time and Money

Better Control

Better Control

When you have better control, you have more time to focus on other important matters.

With a Marketing Portal you have 24/7 access to control all elements of your portal including users.

You can limit certain users from having access to certain products, you can require manager approval before orders are placed, and so much more. Whoever has access and what they have access to is completely up to you.

You can even limit or require permission for orders over a certain cost so that your company always stays on budget.

Consistent Branding

One of the most beneficial advantages of a Marketing Portal is that it protects your brand through consistent branding.

It stores your design templates and locks in all branding so when a user places an order, everything is aligned with your brand compliance. Even if you allow for variable changes such as images, names, phone numbers etc., your branding remains the same.

This eliminates the risk of having to pay for a reprint and saves you and your team time on not having to locate and approve designs. Also, when you present your brand consistently, it increases revenue up to 23%.

Stored Designs

Stored Designs

Locating designs is tricky. You may have a design team who has them all fairly organized or your marketing team each has their own files.

But what do you do when the person in charge of your designs isn’t available or leaves the company? And how do you ensure each team member or location hasn’t modified designs or is using the most up-to-date designs?

Marketing Portals keep your design templates in one place while locking down your company’s branding. So, no matter what materials are ordered, or how often you change your designs, you don’t need to waste money on reprinting non-compliant materials or worry about whether or not your brand is being represented accurately.

Reduced Waste

Marketing Portals have the ability to use on-demand print technology allowing you to order materials in smaller quantities—or as you need them—rather than ordering in bulk and potentially purchasing items you will never need.

This is extremely important because as your company grows, so do your marketing materials. Or if you notice certain promotional items are generating better results than others, you can simply stop ordering a certain product and switch it out.

Convenience and Efficiency

Save Time and Money

Whether digital or physical, when your marketing assets are in one place, you reduce the number of touchpoints that are needed during the entire ordering and production process.

Through one easy-to-use online Marketing Portal you and your team members can seamlessly choose materials, customize if acceptable, and place orders 24/7. You can even quickly reorder past purchases with just a click of a button.

Online Marketing Portals also allow users 24/7 access to order materials rather than just during your printer's business hours, so materials can be ordered when it’s most convenient for your users.

Inventory Management

Marketing Portals include inventory fulfillment storage and management options so that when you need your materials, you don’t need to wait for them to be produced.

Inventory management isn’t subject to physical marketing materials being stored in your printer’s warehouse either. It includes everything from storing your logos, your addresses, mailing lists, design templates, and more within your online portal.

You have 24/7 access to view who is ordering what, when, and how frequently while making changes to your document library accordingly.

Better Investing

Better Investing

Not only do Marketing Portals help you save time and money, but they also help you make money and not only in one way but several.

Within your portal, you can see what materials are being used and modify your designs and document library accordingly so that the only materials that are being used across your entire company are materials that get you the best results.

Marketing Portals also ensure consistent branding, which as discussed above, increases your revenue, and when you present your brand consistently you are also 3.5 times more likely to gain better brand visibility and ultimately bring in more customers.

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