With a new year comes a brand new USPS 2021 Mailing Promotions Calendar!

What does this exciting news mean for you – and more specifically, what does this mean for your business?

Every year, the USPS sends out a calendar offering certain discounts or incentives for commercial mailers who use new technologies or certain techniques. The goal is to promote customer engagement and increase response rates for these commercial mailers while highlighting the new techniques, services, and creativity that the print industry has to offer.

Simply put, your company could save a lot of money just by partnering with Kingston Printing! This year’s upcoming deals include categories like Informed Delivery, Earned Value, and Mobile Shopping promotions. Check out the Promotions Calendar for more details courtesy of the USPS!

Plan Ahead!

Do note that each USPS promotion has specific program requirements; there will also be registration and approval deadlines so be sure your company qualifies by partnering with a professional print company who can help you make the right decisions for you. 

Kingston Printing has the skills to support and grow your business! 

Take advantage of the USPS discounts while achieving a next level direct mail status. Increase your client response rates and engagement by using tools like Variable Data Printing to receive a greater return on your investment. Kingston Printing has all kinds of top-of-the-line techniques and tools that can help your business stand apart!

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