Most businesses considering rebranding or launching their business for the first time feel that using specific colors will entice consumers to take a desired action. And they are mostly correct.

Color doesn’t outright impact consumers purchasing decisions but can create subliminal responses to how they feel about a brand. Some might argue that trying to please every potential customer is a fools game, but there is scientific research behind the idea of colors and marketing.

Impact of Color on Branding

Brand awareness is essential for maintaining a business’s growth. Choosing colors that are defined and appropriate help to establish a place for the business in the wallet of consumers. Primary colors stimulate the emotions and senses while non-primary colors do not. Blue is thought to be the most calming and trusted of the colors. Red makes people feel hungrier and orange can have a similar but lesser impact. Yellow has the perception of making people happy and embodies youthfulness.

How Popular Colors are Perceived

  • Red – excitement, strength, speed, danger.
  • Blue – trust, reliability, coolness.
  • Yellow – warmth, sunshine, cheer, happiness
  • Orange — playfulness, warmth, vibrant
  • Green — nature, fresh, cool, growth
  • Purple – royal, spirituality, dignity
  • Pink — soft, sweet, nurture, security
  • White – pure, clean, youthful, mild
  • Black – sophistication, elegant, mystery
  • Gold — prestige, expensive
  • Silver — prestige, cold, scientific

Perception is Everything in Branding

The color of packaging, a logo, or another consumer product or ad can persuade people into making faster buying decisions. The catch is that they must perceive that the colors used are appropriate to the brand and or product. Therefore, a funeral home for example might want to stay away from using pinks and bright reds in their marketing campaigns. Any perceived lack of authenticity in branding is what will drive away consumers. Color branding can play a big role in how quickly brand recognition occurs.

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