We recently had the pleasure of working on our third edition of “Our Kansas Stories,” from the Kansas Historical Society, this time highlighting the life of Abbie Bright.

This collection contains a fairly wide range of manuscript material, including several letters to and from a variety of people, as well as a variety of types of material. The two principal individuals featured in this collection are Abbie Bright and her brother, Philip Bright. The two most significant aspects of this collection are the diaries of these two individuals and a series of letters which are, for the most part, to and from these two people concerning their families and the Civil War.

Printing Details:
– Press: Komori LS640 C
– Stock: Cover – 80 Endurance Dull Cover | 4-color + Satin Aqueous
– Stock: Text 80 – Endurance Dull Text | 4-color + Satin Aqueous
– Finishing: 26” MBO folder w/ fugitive glue | Saddle-stitched

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