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Propensity & Intent Based Mailing


What is Propensity or Intent Based Mailing?

Your marketing success is dependent on reaching the right audience, and marketing to a large unresolved audience is shiftless. Which means reaching individuals who are in-market or who are likely to act on your product or service is crucial.

Propensity mailing, or Intent Based Mailing, is a data-driven mailing solution that utilizes data selects to predict a consumer's behavior. These selects provide an understanding into an individual's likelihood to buy or respond to a certain product or service. We utilize 49 different transactional and research partners to create over 4,000 Audience Propensities to deliver you a complex list of consumers who have a high likelihood to become your customer.


We verify records against thousands of sources and track millions of online/offline interactions.

Ensured Privacy

With privacy regulations intact, you can ensure that all individuals information is secure.

Integrated Marketing

Proven direct mail paired with propensity data allows you to market to individuals who are interested.

Real Results

Propensities have proven to increase response rates and we guarantee improved results.

Propensity List Examples

Propensity Categories

Propensity Examples

Real-estate Individuals likely to buy a first home soon.
Healthcare Consumers buying certain medicine.
Automotive Individuals in-market for a new car.
Childcare Parents with infants or toddlers.
Political Individuals likely to vote in an election.
Propensity mailing list 

Frequently Asked Questions

Through data selects, a blend of demographic information, buying activity, media behavior, purchase intent, and indicators of specific attitudes, propensity data creates a very complex model. By utilizing 49 different partners and going through a five-tier validation process, these lists are superior to any other model on the market.

With propensity mailing you are able to effectively target individuals who are likely to act in your favor and target consumers who previously were unreachable even through a standard targeted mailing list. The benefits don’t stop their either. Propensity mailing saves you money by eliminating the money spent on sending direct mail to uninterested individuals.

Propensity mailing saves you money by engaging with highly responsive individuals and not spending time and money on marketing to uninterested consumers.

Yes, in fact, adding any audience propensity select to your current selects can improve your marketing campaign even more.

Yes, using more than one propensity can generate an even more successful campaign.

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