The Pantone color to begin this new decade has been announced! The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is “Classic Blue,” a deep hue; picture a dusky sky just before twilight or rich blueberries or a classic deep sapphire. This color was intentionally chosen to reflect a decisive attitude of confidence and peace despite much instability in our world today.

Blue is calming. Blue is classic. Blue is profound.

No matter your company’s objective or message let blue convey your message to the masses! When you go to make your statement, however, the last thing you want to do is appear inept for not knowing how to professionally make your statement. How can you display these “Classic Blue” qualities in a professional manner?

Pantone’s Matching System is an incredible tool but is too often misapplied so it’s really important to get professional input. Here are a couple of insights to better print high-quality work.

  • Understand the difference between regular inks and the high-quality Pantone system. The colors are not the same; the layering of the systems is not the same. With your objectives in mind, consider how much you’re producing and the type of layering and coloring that you’re looking for. That will help you decide if you need the Pantone system or a CMYK system.
  • Know that printed Pantone’s color swatches are not going to match up if you’re just looking at your screen. Print colors differ greatly from screen colors because of the color resolution and the different color display systems. All screens vary among themselves as is, so don’t just trust what you’re seeing on your screen before your own eyes. Definitely check the conversion swatch books for extra help on matching approximate colors.
  • The material that you choose matters. Materials are a variance of opaque levels and translucence so the connection between color hues and light plays a huge role; the material that you are printing on will affect how the color you’ve selected turns out. Get the knowledgeable staff at Kingston’s professional input for any material selection.
  • Prepare for the fact that quality comes at a cost. Is Pantone the most affordable system for your projects? Not necessarily. Printing businesses like ours here at Kingston can help you figure out what is cost effective (perhaps using a CMYK system) and can help you find the right hues to print in doing so.

Use the “Classic Blue” in your upcoming projects. Make that statement. The new year is all about making resolutions; just make sure the resolution of your printing is also making the right statement. Your goals should be reflected in the quality of your work.

Ready to incorporate this exciting new color trend in your projects and advertising? Maybe you have further questions? Contact us so we can support you in all your commercial printing endeavors.