G7 Certification

Kingston is a G7 Certified Master Printer.

All of our presses and digital print equipment are profiled to G7 standards. This ensures best color reproduction & match across multiple medias, devices, and production runs. The GRACoL 7 specification and G7 process is today’s best method of proofing and calibration of printing presses and digital print equipment. G7 provides three important benefits:

  1. A much better match from proof to press.
  2. A much better match from one press to another press
  3. A shared appearance for all CMYK printing devices.

In the past, printing standards were defined by purely mechanical means. Patches were read with a densitometer and plates were adjusted, if necessary, to ensure that the dot gain for each color was within an acceptable range. Assuming these criteria were met, a press was considered to be “in spec” regardless of the visual appearance of the press sheet. Unfortunately, the appearance of any given job could vary quite dramatically between different presses that were “in spec.” With the creation of the G7 specification, we now use a spectrophotometer on press. This device sees color the same way the human eye does and gives it an absolute numerical value. Today, the color of the sheet takes precedence over the mechanics.

In the past, proofs were created using a profile of the press. Printers would run a set of colored patches on their press and create a profile to teach the proofer how that specific press printed on that particular day. While this method was useful for creating a proof that matched a given press it has a number of shortcomings. Firstly, no two presses print exactly alike. In fact the difference in visual appearance between two presses could be quite large, even if both press were printing “within spec.” So if you sent the same art to two different printers, the proofs might match each individual press, but they would not match each other! And of course the press would drift over time reducing the accuracy of the proof and necessitating a new profile. This often made matching color on rerun jobs difficult.

Today, we profile each press, individually, to match the GRACoL and G7 specifications. Similarly, we profile the proofer to match G7. Because G7 defines the visual appearance of color, if all our devices match the G7 specification, then all of our devices match each other! Because we monitor our presses over time, to ensure they still match the specification, we can also match color on your rerun work as well. But the benefits don’t end between press and proof. We also profile our digital devices, to match G7. This means you will see a much better match between your offset and digital jobs too