You’ve got mail. Again. How delightful!

Whether it’s in your email or in your mailbox, the idea of “mail” in general can become a lot to handle. So when it comes to cutting through clutter of the tried and true direct mail shuffle, how do you make your direct mail piece stand out?

Here are my top eight tips (acquired directly from the expertise of the professionals at Kingston Printing) for making the most of your direct mail efforts.

1. Personalize it

If you’re going to deliver something directly to your ideal customer’s hands, why not emphasize the one-on-one nature of your direct mail campaign by adding some personal touches? Here are a few things to try:

  • Use stamps instead of pre-printed postage. A novel idea that takes away the junk bulk mailer look and catches their eye.
  • Consider “handwritten” font for your recipients’ addresses.
  • Include a small personalized gift inside. It could be anything from address labels to a notepad.

2. Go big

Bigger is always better, I always say! A larger mailer won’t risk of being lost in the shuffle like a standard sized letter or postcard. A non-standard size will also catch your customers’ attention, so all of your design work and carefully crafted words won’t go to waste. When you pair great visuals with compelling copy, a direct mailer of large proportions will guarantee a strong return.

3. Envelopes are in

There’s nothing quite like the “reveal effect” of opening an envelope and discovering a well designed piece. The act of opening a mailed piece makes customers more receptive to the message inside. It’s a conscious and curious action customers take to show their engagement.

However, I implore you to consider the production costs involved in printing both an envelope and an enclosed piece before your get too far down the path. You can certainly achieve the same impact of a reveal in a creative way with a self-mailer.

4. Weight and size matter

Postage fees add up quickly, my friend, but they’re a necessary evil if you want your direct mail piece to arrive at its destination. You certainly don’t want to cut back on great design just to save on postage, so plan ahead. A professional printer (like Kingston) can help you determine the best route to take.

5. Check your address panel

When it comes to placement for the customer’s address, the USPS has strict regulations based on the size of the piece. A design that doesn’t properly place the address will prove to be a costly and painful mistake.

6. Automate it

Automation – a fascinating development in the world of print. The less human hands that touch the piece, the more economical the job. For example, instead of printing a separate coupon or voucher, include it on your piece as a tear-off item. Digital printing allows you to do a lot more with your mailers at a reduced cost. Kingston can easily print, personalize, address and fold your mailers all in one go.

7. Make it interactive

Interactive mail design adds an extra element of audience participation. Consider adding in a survey asking for feedback. Create a fun die-cut element to add interest to your material. These details can help set you above the rest and potentially increase your response rate.

8. The proof is in the proof

You’re ready to get your masterpiece out the door, and you quickly skim it and start to send it to the printer. Now STOP. Remember: you’ve been looking at this designed direct mail piece for some time. In a sense, you’re too close to it to effectively proof it one last time. It’s time for another set of eyes, or two. Review the overall effect of the layout, images, and typography that have been used. Triple check your spelling. Be 110% certain that your piece is ready to go out to the world.

Now that you’ve got what it takes to create the perfect direct mail piece, attractive to most any recipient, it’s time to contact the direct mail pros at Kingston Printing to get your work and message out into the world! Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have, or get expert help today!