Did you know that consumers spend an average of 25% more when direct mail is used in combination with email marketing?

Direct mail and email can work together to reach your audience from different angles with greater impact. And thankfully, the newest direct mail technologies allow users to automate their campaigns making it easier than ever before to use direct mail alongside email marketing.

Here are our top 4 ways to use direct mail with email marketing.

1.) Use direct mail to reach those that are not engaged with email campaign
There will always be those who don’t respond or engage with an email marketing campaign simply because they are bombarded by emails non-stop. For those who don’t respond, export your list and send them a direct mail piece instead.

2.) Send direct mail, then a follow-up email
Taking this route will help to be sure you’re trying to reach the customer via different channels, and because e-mail marketing is more cost effective, this is an easy tactic to use. Including a URL that is created only for this type of strategy will help you better understand if your campaign is effective based on visits and click activity.

3.) Create an automated drip campaign
A drip campaign is that continual tap on the shoulder that your product exists through different tactics, including email and direct mail. Marketers often incorporate direct mail pieces into email drip campaigns by utilizing way of triggered direct mail. Most email marketing platforms offer automation, allowing the user to use “if/then” options based on how the user responds or doesn’t respond to a specific piece. For example, if a user gets an email message that they don’t engage with, the next part of the automation could trigger a direct mail piece to go out instead.

4.) Event marketing
Although email marketing can easily help to spread the word about an upcoming event, it can be problematic due to the fact that attendee email addresses are not typically shared before an event. However, you could leverage direct mail to invite attendees to your company’s booth or special event. You can then gather your own email list and send follow up emails or another direct mail piece thanking them for attending.

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