Everyone knows what a regular banner is, especially if you’ve been to a trade show.

They typically include the name of the company, a logo, and maybe a tagline. So what’s the difference between a regular banner and a pull up banner?

A pull up banner is a large, portable banner that rolls up and down like a vinyl curtain would, easy to breakdown and place into a carrying bag. Pull up banners often include more than just company info. They are a highly impactful way of announcing an event, a promotion or services.

When it comes to designing a pull up banner, you have to consider many things before beginning, or the end result could be the opposite of what you were hoping for.

Below are some of our top tips on creating effective pull up banners, both for your audience and for your budget.

Your logo is king

Place your logo and any important information at the top of the banner. Not only is this the first part of the banner that people will notice, but these types of banners are often located where tables, chairs or even people might be in the way of the lower parts of the design.

Keep your info in order

By default, people read from top to bottom, left to right – including your audience. Lead with your logo and follow that with the information that is most important, and so on. It may be tempting to get a bit artsy and fill in space with graphics and text everywhere you can, but it’s too much for your reader. Your pull up banner’s job is to grab attention quickly and hold it.

Consider your branding

Your branding speaks volumes when it comes to design. It’s essential that you stick with current branding – such as typefaces, colors, and style, in order to not confuse your audience. If they have looked at your website or followed you on social, they are likely seeking you out based on the visuals they have seen previously. If you’re rolling out new branding, you may have to work a little harder in order to not miss anyone that’s used to your old logo.

Sharp imagery is key

Pull up banners are large products that make a big statement. Don’t allow your message or brand to be discredited by using poor quality images. Images that are pixelated or appear to be basic stock will cheapen your image, causing your brand to potentially be discredited. Be certain that any image used is 300dpi at artwork size.

Legible typography

The design of your pull up banner might only have seconds to make an impact, so using typography that is clear and easy for anyone to read is crucial. If you’re unsure what fonts to use, or need help with leading and kerning, we highly recommend getting some help in this area.

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