Five Tips for Printing Effective Higher Education Materials

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When it comes to higher education recruitment and branding, digital marketing is certainly not always the answer.

In fact, young millennials rarely receive paper mail  – and oftentimes when they do, their interest is peaked. A study by Epsilon found that 70% of those surveyed actually preferred direct mail over email for marketing materials, while 25% found direct mail more trustworthy than email offers. Overall, 90% of public colleges use direct mail because it generates a more positive outcome than email alone.

With these statistics in mind, here are some tips on different types of higher education marketing and print materials.

  1. Create a Viewbook – Viewbooks are an excellent recruitment tool, and are not always in standard book form. Some are printed as pocket-sized “fandecks” that offer quick snapshots of campus highlights. These are about the size of a paint swatch book. Some are larger and more broad, offering a look at how the next four years can play out at the college or university.
  2. An initiative poster with textBranch out with a Map – Creating a branded map of not just the campus, but also surrounding areas of interest, local stores and restaurants can come in handy for those unfamiliar with the town.
  3. Wow them with the Admission Packet – Instead of the standard form letter that most students receive, why not include something that will make them feel extra special and proud to be part of the school? The envelope itself can be customized to include their name and a message like, “You’re a Wildcat!” You can also include a  branded bumper sticker, school poster or even something they can share with family and friends can make a big impact!
  4. Create Custom Brochures – Now that the student has been admitted, offer brochures that are specific to the student’s year in school (Freshman, etc.) and events, places they should look for can come in handy for a student that might feel overwhelmed. This applies to financial brochures, housing info, meal plans, etc. These also come in handy for parents. You can also continue to send branded direct mail that makes a statement.
  5. Pen resting on top of an open calendarDesign the Ultimate Planner – Some may say paper planners are out of style due to digital apps, but Jackie Reeve from Wirecutter was recently quoted by the New York Times as saying, “If you’re using your phone, you’re going into different apps for different purposes,” Ms. Reeve said. “Your calendar won’t do everything: You might be using a separate to-do list app, you might be using a separate app for notes. So one of the benefits is having this one book that can have everything in it. You can have it all in one place, and it can be almost as portable as a phone.” The design of the branded planner should be considered carefully, creating a space for everything, as Reeve mentioned.

If your college or university is looking to push through the clutter of standard recruitment marketing materials, now is the time to start as potential students are constantly researching to find the school they dream of attending. If you’re searching for a print partner with college and university printing expertise, look no further than Kingston Printing! Contact us today to get started.


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