Pets are often the ray of sunshine in our lives. We have them at home, and if we’re lucky, we have them at work. Recently we lost our beloved warehouse cat Hemingway.

As they say, when one cat door closes, another cat door opens and in pranced Yoshi Ginsberg! Yoshi is the smoky gray cat whose arrival is clouded in mystique as no one quite knows how or when he sauntered into our warehouse. There is also some debate amongst his colleagues about his moniker. Some call him Yoshi, some call him Ginsburg. The vet has him listed as Yoshi Ginsburg, which we think makes him sound like royalty. There’s no better place for royalty than Kingston!

We keep warehouse cats as they ward off any creatures that might show up at a larger warehouse like Kingston located in the openness of the Eudora, KS flatlands. Yoshi is among the many growing number of pets in the workplace. There is a common belief that pets at the workplace make employees happier, they lower stress levels, and create a comfortable work environment. Pets create camaraderie within the workplace and foster interactions that may not have happened without them.

Yoshi is a shy little guy who loves to keep our employees company as they work. If you’re patient enough, he will warm up enough to let you give him a scratch or two! Otherwise, you can find him in his cat cave or curled up in an office chair taking a nap. We have yet to truly determine his favorite part of the printing world, but believe he may develop great expertise in the cutting department. (see what we did there?)

We are glad to have Yoshi as the newest member of the Kingston staff and January’s Face of Kingston!