We’re thrilled to have several employees from Richardson Communications Group join us recently!

Say hello to Jim Barker!

Jim owned Richardson Communications for over 41 years and we are proud to have him join our team! Get to know Jim a little and learn about his family, his favorite part of working for Kingston, and his love for cars!

  1. What is your favorite part of your job at Kingston?
    One of my favorite parts is getting to know the customers and seeing them satisfied with our service, quality and products. It’s all about the customers and taking care of them. I enjoy it because it’s a service business – we get to work with the end-user of a product. If I made door handles for Ford trucks, for example, I’d never know who bought them or used them. I also enjoy learning a lot about other businesses.
  2. What is the coolest project you have been a part of?
    It has to be my project for Ewing Kauffman. He owned a hotel across the street from the stadium, and one day the sales manager of the hotel called me for a brochure. An artist and I put a piece together for their sales and catering department, and Ewing Kauffman liked it. It was a highlight for sure.
  3. What is your favorite machine at Kingston?
    I like them all. At Richardson I kept buying equipment to keep work internal and maintain customers – this helped to expand the capabilities of the company by controlling more inside.
  4. What are you passionate about outside of work? I love cars and racing. One of my sons and I raced a car throughout the Midwest for many years. My current hobby is restoring a 1966 Chevy pickup I’ve had for about 25 years. I’ve been working on it as much as time and money would permit. I also do a lot of flying, which I did in the Navy and now in a private club.
  5. Any tidbits about yourself outside of work – kids? Hobbies? Fun facts?
    I enjoy what I do, my work; I like to see people the people in my life succeeding. I have three children – two sons who are in the business with me, and one daughter. I even have four great grandchildren! Baseball also runs deep in my family. My kids played ball in college — my daughter met her husband through baseball – it’s an important part of our life and our family.

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