We’re thrilled to have several employees from Richardson Communications Group join us recently, including Jerome Sasenick!

Jerome is our new Director of Business Development.

1. What is your favorite part of your job at Kingston?

Problem solving and delighting clients.  I love working with clients, internal and external.  I love brainstorming to come up with creative and innovative solutions to help address a challenge and improve a process.  I also enjoy working with clients to do things more efficiently and economically and coming up with solutions to improve a process or service and get a client to the delight stage.  Sometimes even a silly suggestion can spark another idea to come up with a way to improve a process, service or product.

2. What is the coolest Kingston project you have been a part of?

Dr. JunkLove is a favorite project.  Direct mail is a very effective way to connect with clients and prospects.  It is a good conversation piece with our clients.  Coming up with a character to tell the story brings it to life.

3.What is your favorite machine at Kingston?

Our ability to print on so many substrates is very cool.. I’ve had the opportunity to show off our coatings sample binder and wide format box to clients and get great feedback.  And, yes, there have been a few who smell the pieces to see how it is printed.  The die cutter is also very cool.  Being able to cut and fold a piece creatively to give it character is a lot of fun.

4. What are you passionate about outside of work?

In no particular order, because if my kids see this, I’ll get all kinds of GRIEF:

  • Brett, my oldest son, is a super hard worker an informal leader in our family.  AMAZING on the BBQ Grill.
  • Abby, my Favorite Daughter.  Just finished her collegiate career at Pitt State. She is very creative, witty, and super sweet.
  • Tait, my second son, is a student a short 16-hour drive in Charlotte, NC.  He is a very generous and kind soul who is not afraid to get involved in new adventures.
  • Grant, my third son, is a student at Pitt State with a GREAT eye behind the camera and is brilliant at figuring out how things work.
  • Me, personally: Doing the little things right.  Seems when I do the little things right the big things seem to fall into place.

5. Any tidbits about yourself outside of work – kids? Hobbies? Fun facts?

  • Photography – I’ve been shooting photos since a family vacation in grade school.  My first lesson from my Dad was don’t cut off people’s heads.  My favorite is sports photography.  Freezing the ball off a bat, the ball off a foot, or the joy and laughter of the athletes.
  • Golf –  Like so many others, I wish I was sooo much better.  I love walking the course, and typically get to see most of the course trying to find my ball… Even though my favorite quote during a round is “Man, this is a dumb game.”  I look forward to getting out and looking for my ball in the woods time and time again.

Welcome to the Kingston team, Jerome! We’re glad you’re here.

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