Faces of Kingston

Faces of Kingston: Hemingway the Warehouse Cat

By March 11, 2019 October 11th, 2019 No Comments
  1. When and why did you join the Kingston team?

I didn’t really have a choice. My mom just kinda ditched me here. I help keep everyone on their toes.

  1. What is your favorite part about your job?

All the attention and snacks I get. Plus, glue stick lids are my favorite! I also have a talent for collecting age receivables because I’m comfortable with things that others might think are… excessive. I also offer counsel on high level business decisions.

  1. Coolest print project you ever worked on and why?

All the Shatto Milk projects are great. What?! I like milk. Oh, and any job for the college down the road. I’m gonna eat that bird some day.

  1. Favorite machine and why?

The stitcher! It has a GIANT cardboard box with shreds of paper inside! I love watching the robotic spectrophotometer we use for building press color profiles, especially since I don’t see color that well. The idea of using math & science instead of human perspective makes a lot of sense. Plus, I haven’t found the humans around here to be that smart.

  1. Any tidbits about yourself outside of work – kids? Hobbies? Fun facts?

I am a single yellow tabby, no kids (my owners are responsible). I usually winter in Tahoe. I hunt; Birds and small game … mostly. I also love my Kingston crew and every day I show them how much I do by jumping up and sitting on their keyboards while they try to work. Isn’t that how the keyboard works?