The infamous Dr. Junklove has returned – this time with a Junklove Action Kit!

Last year we introduced our special advisor for direct mail – Dr. Junklove. Not to be confused with Dr. Strangelove – although there may be some striking similarities! If you were among the chosen to receive Dr. Junklove’s Direct Mail poster, you are already aware of the genius that is Dr. Junklove.

Now he has returned, fully equipped with a Junklove Action Kit – perfect for demonstrating not only his vast knowledge of direct mail, but how to use it effectively (and creatively!). Have you checked your mail recently? Because Dr. Junklove has sweetened the deal for those who will share his knowledge and skills with his new Action Kit! Junklove is offering a $100 prize for the select few who create the ultimate Junklove laboratory – and share it with the world!

Create your own desktop Junklove Laboratory and you could WIN $100!

  1. Use the folding diorama backdrop and cutouts – and your own creativity!
  2. Take a photograph of your creation and post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #KinsgtonJunklove.
  3. Dr. Junklove will find you and award his favorite posts with $100!

Haven’t received Junklove’s new Action Kit but want to get in on the (ahem) action?! Click here to request an Action Kit now!

Just becoming familiar with Dr. Junklove?

In truth, he’s a bit off. Rambles obsessively about direct mail. And when he speaks, such an unusual vocabulary. “Saturation mailings.” “Fugitive glue.” “Bump & Turn.”

The simple truth: The Dr. loves Direct Mail. Some call it Junk Mail. (Making the Dr. laugh maniacally.) He enjoys the term, it’s so…Dismissive. The Dr. knows the true power of Junk Mail. In fact, it became his moniker, his raison d’etre. His birthname? Long forgotten. At Kingston Printing, Dr. Junklove is the master of Direct Mail. Learn more about Dr. Junklove here. 

Ready to put Dr. Junklove’s expertise to the test with your own direct mail project?

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Print specifications:
Diorama printed on 18pt Tango C2S
Outside: 4 color process + Soft Touch AQ
Inside: 4 color process + Satin AQ
Komori LS640

Snap Out pieces printed on 18pt Tango C2S
4 color process + Satin AQ
Komori LS640

Insert printed on 100# Blazer Velvet Text
4 colors + Metallic Gold
Kodak Nexpress