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The Top 5 Print Marketing Trends of 2023

Print Marketing Trends for 2023

Print marketing has always been an effective tool for marketers within every industry. And with innovative advancements to print and direct mail marketing, it has created a path for companies to increase their marketing success even further.

Yes, digital marketing is a necessity and it’s more alive than ever, but so are efforts to block ads and promotional emails. The simple truth is that we’re all adapting to scroll past online ads and ignore marketing emails.

Recent studies have even shown that print marketing generates better results compared to digital advertising and those results have been climbing year after year and leaving online marketing in the dust.

Printed marketing materials are guaranteed to be seen and will result in higher response rates and ROI. In a world of ever-present digital noise, changing markets, and increasing competition, it’s important for your marketing strategy to remain agile. We’ve analyzed the marketing trends of 2023 and put together a guide of the top 5 print marketing trends for 2023.

#1 No Minimum Postcard Mailing

Postcard mailing with no minimums ever.

Prices have increased in 2023 so the need to reach smaller, more precisely targeted audiences is crucial. That’s why many marketers have looked to direct mail commingling, or postcard mailing with no minimums. This allows them to send lower quantities of (as few as one 1 postcard) targeted direct mail while also still taking advantage of bulk mail discounts.

It works by combining your print marketing with other companies’. For example, if you have 10 postcards you want to send out, another company has 60, and another has 130, all three separate mailings will be combined to send out together to meet the minimum quantity for bulk mail postage discounts, so you all pay only the lowest postage rates.

#2 Direct Mail Automation

What’s better than gaining the benefits of print and direct mail marketing? Gaining the benefits automatically, without any effort!

Sending out marketing emails automatically is a tried-and-true method of increasing engagement. A common example is sending a “thank you” email after a customer places their first order. This type of marketing automation is a great way to stay in touch without manual interruption. Well, you can do the exact same thing with direct mail thanks to Direct Mail Automation.

In fact, anything you can do with your email, you can do with your printed marketing mailers. For example, with this print marketing trend, you could send birthday mailings each month to customers who have an upcoming birthday, or you can trigger a postcard based on someone's search history or buying activity.

All you need is your CRM or marketing automation platform, a few direct mail designs, and a plan on how you want to automate your printed materials and that’s it. You can then focus on other needs for your business while automatically gaining the amazing benefits of print marketing.

#3 Direct Mail Retargeting

Mailbox Retargeting

This print marketing trend is one to certainly jot down.

Retargeting has become common with digital marketing. We’re sure you have been there –you searched for something or visited a site for just a second and you’re seeing ads for that exact same thing across the internet. Well, the problem with that is ad blocking technology has become more intelligent and we’re all simply becoming pros at ignoring these ads.

That’s why print and marketing companies like Kingston Printing have taken reliable and effective direct mail and paired it with retargeting efforts.

Mailbox Retargeting, or Direct Mail Retargeting, converts your anonymous web traffic through the power of well-timed and relevant emails and direct mail.

Imagine how many people visit your website daily but leave without buying, signing up, or ever coming back. With Mailbox Retargeting you can send those previously unknown individuals a direct mail piece along with an email to encourage them to come back to your site.

#4 Personalized Printed Materials

Personalized print that is customized for each individual recipient is a trend that has been around for years and will continue to be an effective print marketing strategy for years to come.

Variable Data

This is simply because personalization generates better results – 135% better results to be exact. Everyone loves something personalized just for them, it makes them feel valued and important. Think about it, seeing your name when you open your mailbox sparks a greater response than “hello resident.”

Creating personalized printed marketing pieces isn’t as out of reach as you may think. In fact, with Variable Data Printing, you can easily and affordably create marketing materials that are tailor-made for each of your recipients to create a more meaningful business-customer relationship.

#5 Location Based Print Marketing

Marketing based on location and saturating specific areas has always been a popular print marketing trend. However, in recent years, advancements in how you can target certain areas have made location-based print marketing a favorite of successful marketers.

For example, with Proximity Mailing, you can target individuals who surround your ideal customers to get the word out about your brand in a specific area.

Now that you have learned about some of the top print marketing trends of 2023, you are ready to make this year the year of marketing success. Click the button below to get started on one of the above print marketing trends and to explore other ways you can successfully take advantage of print marketing this year. Also, feel free to contact one of our experts through our live chat tool or give us a call at (785) 690-7222 for any questions or for help getting started.

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