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Proximity Mailing for Targeted Direct Mail Marketing


Sending direct mail through a standard bulk mailing list or the entirety of a certain ZIP code isn’t always the edge a company needs in their marketing efforts.

Although these mailing options are effective in reaching a large audience, some companies can benefit more from reaching a more targeted audience.

With advanced mailing capabilities, like Proximity Mailing, you can now target individuals who surround your ideal customers’ residences. And businesses are finding that when they take advantage of Proximity Mailing, they are bringing in more traffic and gaining more customers.

This is because people who live around each other are often in need or interested in the same things. And people are more inclined to check out a company if they know somebody else who is willing to vouch for that company.

What is Proximity Mailing?

Proximity Mailing is an advanced direct mail marketing solution that allows your mail list to reach homes that are located within a given radius surrounding your ideal customer or customers. Whether your desired radius spreads 5 miles or 5,000 miles, Proximity Mailing has the capabilities for you to choose the nearest x-number of residents inside that given radius.

Chances are the people who live in proximity to your ideal customer could benefit from your products or services as well. Sending them something physical such as a postcard with a referral from their nearby neighbor is just the push that they need to check out your business for themselves.

Not to mention the ability to target certain demographics and limit how many people your direct mail marketing campaign reaches, creates a better restraint for you to stay within your marketing budget and reach your ideal audience.

How Does Proximity Mailing Bring in More Customers?

Proximity Mailing

People who live near each other typically have the same or near to the same age of home, environment or geographic issues, income and needs for a certain product and service. This means it's highly possible that if one customer needed and enjoyed the quality of what you had to offer, their neighbors will too.

When sending a direct mail piece to individuals advertising that their neighbor just bought your product or service increases the chances that those recipients will make a purchase with you as well.

Take a contractor who just installed a porch for example. If they have an established customer that will recommend their company, sending a direct mail piece to residents surrounding that customer, marketing that they are loving their new front porch will get those individuals interested. This is because word of mouth is always great advertising. Not to mention, all of the people who will be searching around their neighborhood for that newly built porch while keeping that contractor top of mind.

The people living around your customers have similar needs, preferences, incomes and homes. Targeting these individuals who need your business as well, will result in turning one customer into many, many more.

How Does Proximity Mailing Work?

The process for Proximity Mailing is easy. Simply add your customer’s address into our Proximity Mailing tool and choose your desired radius. Within your chosen radius, you can then limit how many of the nearest individuals you would like to send to.

Some businesses have higher-priced services or may have goods that are specifically tailored for a certain age group. Because of this, you can also filter who you reach according to your desired rules and demographics including:

  • Household income
  • Home value
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Net worth

Should I Use Proximity Mailing?

Proximity Mailing is extremely beneficial for your business if you want to reach the consumers nearest to your company or your competitor's. You should also consider Proximity Mailing if you have visible products or services. This includes realtors, car dealerships, roofers, landscapers, painters, and many more.

If your business has something to offer that can be seen and you want to keep your company top of mind for your customers’ surrounding neighbors, Proximity Mailing may just be the perfect direct mail marketing solution for you.

At Kingston Printing we offer targeted mailing lists like Proximity Mailing to help ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign is delivered to the consumers that matter most. Check out our Proximity Mailing tool by clicking here or contact us today to get help on your campaign today!

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