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Brand Packaging: Boost Your Marketing Now

Good packaging can make the average marketer look like the best. A raised print that glides under the touch, clear information that speaks to the buyer. Crisp lines and clever wording. Product packaging is both the first step and the last resort to making would-be buyers your next customers.

Whether attracting thoughtful, research-conscious clients or last-minute, impulse buyers, the right product packaging is what’s going to seal the deal.

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How can you use product packaging to attract more customers and to reflect your company well? Kingston Printing shares how to increase brand awareness through product packaging.

What Is Brand Packaging?

Brand packaging is more than the wrapper! Brand packaging refers to the combination of crafty design and thoughtful materials to cover or hold a product. Beyond wrapping paper and tape, this marketing technique is intentionally planned to be meaningful, attractive, and informative.

Smart and saavy sellers carefully and creatively craft their retail packaging to reflect the product, to share the company values, and to target a specific audience.

Brand Packaging Quality Speaks To The Subconscious.

When discovering which packaging design and materials to use for your product, ask yourself how you want to present your company. First impressions DO matter, and studies show you have roughly seven seconds to intrigue your consumer. The last thing you as a seller want is to see would-be buyers turned away buy a cheap looking package. Put your best foot forward and show your customers that you value quality work – and that your product is also of high quality.

Brand Packaging Relevancy Convinces Logically.

Brand Packaging 

Clear and informative language reassures the audience that they were right to be drawn to your product for more than aesthetic reasons. You’ve shown a bit of your company and product through style; now it’s time to back up your aesthetic with reasoning.

Your customers are subconsciously asking a lot of questions – make sure you have the answers! The right product packaging will grow your brand name and reflect your core values accurately.

1. Brand Recognition – Who are you? Maybe it’s time to ask what your company values. Is your brand design recognizable? Could buyers pick out your line of products based on colors and style? The way you would dress or speak in an interview might be different than the mannerisms you would use among friends. Consider who your audience is and format your marketing to that style.

2. Brand Information – Product information is essential, of course. But what else could your packaging convey? What is your message? What are the origins of your product? What information would your audience find interesting or fun?

3. Brand Materials – Does your packaging carry a clean glossy feel? Is it made of organic recycled material? The physical aspects of your packaging should both attract and reflect your company values. For example, how durable is your packaging? If you utilize a flimsy material, consumers may suspect your product is of the same low quality.

Professional Product Packaging Begins with Kingston

Share your message the way you want to be understood! For high quality, customized product packaging that will set you apart, contact Kingston Printing today!

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