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Variable Data Printing Transform Your Marketing

4 Tips for EDDM

Variable Data Printing – top notch printers know when and how to use this strategy; now it’s time to see how this marketing method can work miracles for you, your company, and your marketing base.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Essentially, Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a certain technique in digital printing that allows for individually customizable pieces in a larger set of printed materials. This strategic marketing tool is also sometimes called variable imaging or variable information printing.

Benefits Of VDP

VDP offers a wide variety of benefits and advantages, enabling designers to personalize messages, easily track coupon codes – even implement unique colors, fonts or images. This printing tool also allows for quick edits on any last-minute sales.

1. Connection – VDP helps to reach your customers, catching their eye with relevant information to them and the feeling of a personalized connection. It starts with seeing their own name instead of just another generic ad and includes targeted ads like their spending habits or information on store locations in their community.

2. Customer Insight – With this marketing tool, you can track printed ads much like you would digital ads. Add individualized bar codes or coupon codes to your printed ads which can help you monitor engagement. This quick trick gives your company greater tracking power and insight into your customer base and engagement.

3. Capitalization – Greater engagement means greater sales; customers are more like to return and more likely to continue returning when they receive personalized information with details relevant to their community or preferences. Increase your Return on Investment simply by reaching out!

4. Capability – VDP makes widespread customization easy and efficient; stop changing info by hand and save that time for other projects or details.

When To Use VDP

Take a look through these examples and see if any could apply to your business endeavors:

  • Direct mail campaign from a larger to a lengthy current and/or prospective client list
  • Personalized messages, updates or requests from a non-profit to past donors
  • Any local business reaching out to the surrounding communities
  • Customized mail targeting interests from universities to current and potential students
  • Anyone looking for new clients: no matter how great or small the business, VDP supports any customer connection that will further community outreach..

Getting Started With VDP

Intrigued? Get ready to see how Kingston Printing can increase your client base and help you track your printed ads. Contact Kingston Printing today! We can’t wait to efficiently upgrade your marketing tool-belt with professional high-quality printing!

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