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Kingston's Top 7 Benefits of UV Printing

Benefits of UV Printing

Ultraviolet Printing, Also Known As UV Printing, Involves Quick-Drying Specialty Inks That Are Activated By Ultraviolet Light.

Paper passes through the printing press where ink is delivered, then immediately exposed to UV light, which then causes the ink to instantly dry. Because of this, the ink does not have the opportunity to seep or spread, resulting in sharper images and text. But the benefits of printing with UV don’t stop there.

Ability to print on a variety of materials

Go beyond paper with UV ink. You have the ability to print on nonporous materials including plastic, glass and metals. If you can fit the material into the printing press, you can print on it with UV ink.

Quicker print jobs

No need to wait for the ink on your materials to dry. The UV ink dries via a photo mechanical process. It’s almost instantaneous, so you can achieve more work in less time.

Achieve good lightfastness and sharp contrast

UV inks have the ability to catch and reflect light, which helps boost readability, a major benefit for many graphic designers. Plus, UV inks create great contrast, further improving readability.

Maintain print consistency

Another perk of UV printing is having a finished product that looks the same throughout the piece and is fade resistant.

Vibrant print finish

UV lights work so quickly that there is no time to for ink to soak into the paper. Photorealistic printing is ideal, so whether you’re creating a poster or a stack of beautiful invitations, your customers are sure to be pleased with the final result.


You’re saving money through the faster drying times for sure, but there are also big savings happening by removing the need for aqueous coatings, whereas UV printing requires no coatings.

Better for the Environment

And last but certainly not least, UV printing is better for the environment because no solvents are being released into the air, helping to reduce its emissions.

With all of the benefits of UV printing, you may never want to turn back!

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