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Direct Mail: The Most Effective Tool in Your Marketing Belt

Most effective tool for marketing.

Expand Your Customer Reach And Increase Your ROI With Professional Kingston Printing

Is mail still relevant in a world of emails? Actually more so! Did you know that at least 40% of Americans look forward to checking their mailbox? Physical mail still holds its own thanks to the nostalgic draw of mail – but there’s more to it than that! Kingston Printing is here to explain how to use direct mail marketing to reach a larger audience and to receive a higher ROI.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that sends physical ads to your audience’s mailbox. Postcards, flyers, catalogs, discounts and specials, calendars and recipes, samples, and company newsletters are all examples of direct mail.

In a principally digital world, direct mail can capture the attention of your next potential customers and offer better engagement, higher returns on investment, and improved customer retention. (It’s not as easy to “unsubscribe” from direct mail, for starters.)

Direct Mail Marketing Relevancy

Studies show that direct mail marketing works beyond simple nostalgic reasons. For example, direct mail doesn’t get thrown away for at least 17 days in the average home. This means instead of simply getting deleted or ignored, it has plenty of time to be read or at least glanced at.

Think about how overflowing digital marketing channels can get – a constantly full inbox, a cluttered feed – information is mass deleted, or worse: completely unchecked and ignored. A physical piece of mail however spends its time in the home where it not only has more accessibility and availability to be read, but it already reaches a larger audience since any member of the home can pick it up and skim the contents.

In addition to access to the consumer’s home and longer amount of time in sight, direct mail marketing reaches an even greater audience since you can send mail to the homes of people who might not check email or who still don’t engage in social media platforms. This creates better opportunity for new order and new lead generation.

Did you know?

  • Over 40% of direct mail recipients read or at least scan the mail they receive.
  • More than 70% of American consumers prefer to be contacted via direct mail because they can circle back and read it whenever they want.
  • Mail ads are kept in the home for at least 17 days on average.
  • Direct mail recipients buy around 28% more items and spend about 30% more than people who don’t receive that same piece of direct mail marketing.
  • Return on investment for direct mail hits at about 29%.
Direct mail works. 

With these quick statistics it’s easy to see why direct mail is easily still at the top of the marketing strategy to do list for any company seeking more customer engagement and better returns on investment (ROIs).

Direct Mail versus Email Marketing

The majority of today’s businesses have an active and compelling email marketing strategy – and they should! Just because one method of marketing is functional doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t pursue other avenues of marketing strategy as well – especially if it’s such a thriving and engaging method like direct mail marketing.

Around 90% of direct mail gets opened, opposed to only 20-30% of emails. This means that consumers are looking more at direct mail ads than they are emails – which are easy to ignore or even to unsubscribe from!

Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email does, meaning direct mail recipients are more likely to read and remember the ad instead of ignoring just another junk email.

Email marketing is still an active platform for your consumers, especially for returning customers – but if you want to stand out as a company, direct mail campaigns are the most effective and engaging platform to reach your audience.

Direct Mail versus Email Marketing

The biggest deterrent for most companies when it comes to direct mail strategy is the cost; simply put, companies don’t want to pay for the print and postage of their ads.

Direct mail can be costly, especially for a polished and professional piece, but the good news is that bulk mail is cheaper than regular mail, and ultimately, the lead and order generation from direct mail makes your investment worth it. Businesses investing in direct mail can also take advantage of the USPS mail promotions and save on postage!

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Now that your company is ready to send out ads, it’s important to address what kinds of ads you should send or key elements to making your direct mail marketing the best it can be! Here are five Kingston tips for effective direct mail!

1. First, follow this formula: brand awareness, a call to action, and relevant contact information. It’s crucial for direct mail recipients to identify who your company is, feel an urge to respond, and then engage with your company or product.

2. Have a clear target audience in mind, and make your direct mail ad appropriately interactive. Maybe there’s a coupon to cut out or a tear-away discount code. The more the customers engage with your ad, the more likely they are to hold on to it and respond.

3. Use direct mail to direct traffic to your online site! Don’t forget to include your social platform information so customers can check out your website! Whether they want to know more about your company or wish to make purchases, managing direct mail and online platforms is the most effective way to engage your clients.

4. Be memorable! Whether it’s a free sample or a fun design, your ad needs to stand out in the mail your customers are receiving. Some companies address their envelopes with a handwritten-like font; other businesses choose humor to catch the eye of their audience. Whatever you choose, be memorable because of the quality of your ad – not because of misspellings. Always remember to proofread!

5. Quality matters. To truly engage with future consumers in an effective way, you need to partner with a printing company that can print you in the best light and get your ad in the door instead of in the garbage. Contact Kingston today! 

** Statistics pulled from the USPS and from a smallbizgenius article.

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