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Tips for Designing Wide Format Graphics

Tips for designing wide format graphics.

From Plan To Print: How To Create Successful Graphics For A Large Project

Have you been tasked with creating a large poster or sign but you’re inexperienced with graphic design? Beginner or not, Kingston Printing can transform your graphics into a masterpiece!

Kingston Printing is the top-tier printing company you need to handle large graphics, but even the best printer can only print what’s there. This means that poor image or file quality will result in a poor print job. Graphics and printing must work hand in hand to create the best result.

What are Large Format Graphics?

Large format graphics refers to the development process behind creating the designs for a large print piece. Large format printing covers everything from wall maps to large-scale advertisements.

In need of a large print piece for a sign, billboard, or banner? From wall signs to festival banners, tradeshow signs or large window decals, graphic design in a large format form is more called for than you’d think. Families and companies are even using large format graphic design for personal portraits stretched across a large canvas; the repeat banners you see behind models or celebrities on the red carpet? Also large format graphics.

Graphic Design Software

As you get started designing the graphics for your project, you’ll need to understand more about what kind of file you’re working with. There are two main types of graphic files: vector v bitmap. Bitmap files are based on pixels, while vector files are created on mathematical formulas – think of vector files like pathways. Vector files are not resolution dependent like bitmap files are; this means that vector files can be enlarged or shortened without distorting the image. Vector files will remain clear and editable so that your project will be as detailed, crisp, and professional as you could dream of.

Choosing vector files to save your graphics on will affect what software will be best for your design development. Adobe Photoshop is well-known and does a great job but is it right for your project? Adobe Photoshop is based off of the bitmap approach – opt for Adobe Illustrator instead. Adobe Illustrator allows you to save your work the vector file way.

Six Tips for Good Graphic Design:

1. Minimal Copy

You know the saying “less is more”? Nothing could be truer when it comes to writing copy for your graphic piece. You want this project to be an attention grabber, not a novel. Too much writing will make it impossible to read or even uninteresting. When you’re driving down the road and see a billboard – do you really have time to read a few paragraphs? Keep your message concise, intriguing, and to the point.

2. Appropriate Font

Choose a font style that best represents the company and the message, then consider appropriate font sizing depending on the location and size of your project. Billboards will require larger font sizing than a poster might, for example. Minimize focus confusion by using the same font and size as much as possible. Highlight only a select few words by using a different font, size, or color.

3. Even Spacing

It hurts to look at overcrowded wording; the eyes aren’t sure where to focus, and following a natural reading flow can be difficult. Creating proportional and clear communication is essential to successful graphic design.

4. Color Choice

Whether you are working with the company’s brand colors or creating from scratch so to speak, keep your graphic theme clear and simple. Colors that are too neutral may get overlooked; colors that are too bold may be overstimulating and harsh; and too many colors could appear messy and low quality.

5. Hire a Professional Designer

Designers have a job for a reason! If you’re struggling to build a graphic design that’s intriguing but not an eyesore, bright but not harsh, clear but not boring – that’s okay! Graphic designers and marketing experts are pros at upholding your brand image while crafting a message that stands out!

6. Top Print Quality

The best way to make sure your project turns out well is to send your graphics off to a professional printer. The most aesthetic, proportioned graphics can end in inky disaster in the wrong hands. Kingston Printing is an expert at pairing graphics, materials, and inks to create stunning, top-quality results. The floor decals pictured here are only a small sampling of the large format printing we’ve done. Contact us online today to learn more about our tools and techniques to transform your graphics!

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