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All About Die-Cutting

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If you are unfamiliar with the unique lingo that comes with the knowledge and experience of being a professional printer, you quite understandably may have questions about the terminology!

Maybe you’ve heard the word “die-cutting” – but what does that mean for your own projects and business development?

What is Die-Cutting?

Printers will often use a thin, extremely sharp blade made from steel that has been shaped into one of many unique patterns; “die-cutting” is the term we use when referring to using this die to cut types of paper into those shapes and patterns. To break this down further: think of those handheld scissors you used in elementary art school to create fancy borders on your homemade cards; dies are similar in purpose to those rudimentary scissors. But don’t forget these blades are quite a bit sharper! A die can shape the entire outside border of a piece or it can be used simply on the corners.

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However, it is important to understand just how sophisticated die-cutting has become! Unlike elementary paper edgers, professional dies can even remove pieces from the center of your piece, creating cutouts or intricate layers.

One certain process called “Perforated Die-Cutting” involves special dies that only cut a perforated outline of a shape instead of slicing completely through. Whether adding special detail to a fancy card or creating coupons, these perforated edges allow for easy removal from the final printed piece.

You should also understand that this is not a by-hand process; instead, printers use automated machines to cut several pieces of paper or label stock at the same time! This is a much more efficient way of making sure that all the cuts are exactly the same. Many professional printers carry several of these dies to provide a common selection for standard cuts. However, they may also offer some of their own unique patterns, and some printers will even be able to help you create a custom die for your own very special design! If you can dream it, we can print it!

Die-cutting is a practical way of printing because it allows for a functionality that regular printing does not. Die-cutting is an efficient method of creating business envelopes, tickets, coupon ads, or even postage stamps!

Beyond the functional qualities of die-cutting, this printing process is an excellent marketing method as well. Die-cutting shakes up the tiresome straight lines of the pages in front of you, drawing your attention to inviting pockets, interesting contours, and intriguing shapes. This method of attraction is a subtle way to influence the consumer’s perception of your project’s visual appeal! Die-cutting is an exceptional marketing tool to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re ready to discuss how die-cutting can efficiently give your printed pieces distinction, contact Kingston Printing today. We are more than thrilled to support and guide you in your printing and die-cutting endeavors.

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