Helpful Hints

Setting up new files

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Using the proper procedures when setting up new files saves time and helps assure that your project will get off to a good start. When setting up a new file, always create a document that is the same size, as it will be when output. This can be done in the “New Document” dialogue. Also always use individual facing pages when designing multiple page pieces. This will make your design work flow smoother and will allow us to properly set up press files.

Working With Colors

While designing your document, pay careful attention to the colors you use. CMYK colors or Pantone colors are preferred for printing, as the reproduction of RGB colors can be unpredictable. If your job will not have spot colors, avoid using spot color swatches. This will reduce confusion and help ensure color consistency in your file. If your piece will use spot colors, make sure everything uses the correct swatch.

The colors below look the same on screen, but will print very differently. The first Pantone 186 will print as process because the first box is empty and the second shows CMYK. The second Pantone 186 will print as a spot color because the first box is marked. The third Pantone 186 is an RGB color and should not be used for printing.

Preparing Files for Print

We can process your files from the original application, or press ready PDF files. Either way, they will be produced with the highest quality. If you’re sure we won’t need to make changes to your file later, a press ready PDF is the best option. Otherwise, please use the package feature described below to send us your files.

Using the proper procedures when saving application files saves time and helps assure that your job will be printed as planned. The best way to do this is to use the “package” feature in InDesign, or “collect” in Quark Express. This will ensure we receive everything we need to process your job. First be sure that all of the links in your file are updated and there are no missing fonts. Then save the document and go to the file menu and choose “Package.” InDesign will now create a new folder with a copy of your file and all the necessary fonts and links. Please zip or compress that folder before sending it to us.

Creating a press ready PDF from InDesign is also simple. As when packaging a file, be sure all the links and fonts in your document are loaded correctly. Next click “File” and choose “Export.” Then name your new PDF and choose where to save it. After that a new window will appear, choose “High Quality Print” from the “Adobe PDF Preset” list. Just click the “Export” button and you’re done!