It’s time to meet another of the friendly faces here at Kingston Printing!

Give a warm welcome to Brian O’Neill, an Estimator and Project Manager at Kingston!

Read on to learn a bit about his work at Kingston, his family, and his hobbies!

1. What is your favorite part of your job at Kingston?

My favorite part is probably the challenge of getting to know a new system and the capabilities of the employees and equipment.

2. What is the coolest Kingston project you have been a part of?

A Wire-O Bound Booklet that we would have normally sent off to have Spot UV applied.  With the UV 40” press we ran it as a Strike Through with Gloss UV and it tuned out better than before!

3. What is your favorite machine at Kingston?

I’m honestly not sure if I have just one favorite machine. It’s kind of the same thing you tell your kids, you know?

4. What are you passionate about outside of work?

I really love my family; outside of work we are pretty sports and outdoors oriented.

5. Any tidbits about yourself outside of work – kids? Hobbies? Fun facts? 

I’m married and have 3 grown kids.  We try to spend as much time as we can relaxing at Bennett Springs State Park.

We’re thrilled to have Brian on the team! Thinking about joining the friendly faces here at Kingston? Check out our employment page now!