The average person tends to seek out the best deal when it comes to purchasing just about anything. But the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to commercial printing. The cheapest printer is definitely not always the best option when it comes to creating a solid printed piece.

So, why the difference in price when it seems two different printers are printing the same product?

It all comes down to the value in the final product, including quality and finishes like:

  • Paper quality & durability
  • Ink quality and exact color matching
  • Clarity of text and images
  • Clean edges and consistent positioning

In addition, there are things that aren’t visible to account for, like what happens behind the scenes.

Be sure to consider things like number of years in business, online reviews and word of mouth before making a snap decision. These factors are invaluable when it comes to completing a job accurately efficiently.

Another key factor to consider is technology. The combination of logistics, mechanics and optics is quite the feat, even for a simple job. This is why using a printer with the right equipment and materials for your job is pertinent. Consider the following when thinking about your current printer:

  • Do they listen to and understand your specifications?
  • Do they ask questions for clarification or ask for more detail?
  • Do they examine the end result you’re trying to achieve?
  • Do they offer suggestions on how to improve your results or save you money?
  • Do they deliver on time and is the job right the first time?
  • Do they take ownership when there is a mistake on their end?

At Kingston, our success is due in large part to recruiting and hiring talented associates who understand the company’s commitment to excellence through consistency, quality and customer service. We encourage you to try us out – we’re certain you’ll be ready to make the switch to a Kansas City commercial printer that offers value, consistency and expertise for all your printing needs. Contact us today!